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The Amazing Business-Building Power of a Business Directory

I think we’d all agree that for long-term success, one of the most important things you need to do as a Realtor is to add value to your client relationships over time. Of course, clients expect you to do a great job as their agent during an actual purchase/sale transaction. But doing a great job alone is not enough to ensure referrals and repeat business down the line. Instead, it’s just the “price of entry.”

How Important Is a Good Property Sales Brochure?

Your property sales brochure could be the first thing buyers see when told about your house; it is therefore crucial that their first impression is the best it can be, as it could mean the difference between them viewing your property or simply casting aside the brochure without a proper look. This article looks at some of the areas that can help you to produce a good quality property sales brochure to attract the right buyers, capture their imagination and help you to sell your property more effectively.

Dominate the Short Sale Market With 3 Marketing Systems

Discover how you can put 3 systems into action that will allow you to dominate the short sale market. This balanced approach will allow you to reach prospects in their mailbox and online.

Practicing Successful Real Estate Marketing in 2011

What’s your real estate marketing plan for 2011? If the first thing you thought of is “Well, hopefully the market conditions allow for a good year,” it’s time to reevaluate how you approach your career. When you operate from a proven game plan, success comes much easier. And that’s what this month’s article is all about. It’s about taking what you know, using your resources to the fullest and making things happen instead of waiting for market conditions to dictate your success.

Going For Online Property Marketing

Marketing has definitely gone very far these days. In fact, the times when you have to spend most of your times just to market something has already been gone. Of course, this is also with the help of the internet. This time, whatever product you can think of can possibly be marketed online. This includes products, services, and even real estate.

3 Methods to Using Testimonials With Your Short Sale Listing Letters to Increase Leads

Discover how to use testimonials with your short sale letters to increase conversion rate and your leads. 3 ways to incorporate testimonials to get more business today.

How to Take More Real Estate Listings In Any Market

Discover 4 real estate marketing systems that will help you to start taking more listings now. Whether your goal is 30+ listings monthly or 10 a month you can put these rules into action today.

Luxury Real Estate Branding: Maintaining Your Sterling Reputation

Managing your personal or company luxury brand, that is, managing how you are perceived by your target market over time, is mission critical. You can certainly elevate your game as a luxury real estate marketing professional by studying how the market leaders in luxury consumer brands manage or mismanage their brands. The Art of Shaving is one luxury brand that has recently made a major branding mistake, in our opinion, and has tarnished their otherwise sterling reputation.

Strategies To Follow For Online Property Marketing

When you have decided to do online property marketing, you have to realize that it is not an easy task. Yet, it is way better than some other forms of advertising since it is usually free of charge. Now, if you are to set up your own website for advertising your property, here are a few strategies that you can follow in order to take the top spot and lead despite the rising number of competitors.

2 Different Expired Marketing Methods

Discover 2 methods that will help you get Expired sellers chasing you. From a different style of expired listing letter to a YouTube channel that will have them listening to your every word, you can have a system that works for you daily.

2 Short Sale Letter Tactics to Increase Leads and Conversion

While you can change many aspects about your letters to improve conversion rate, sometimes it just takes two. Consider two methods to change with your short sale letters to increase conversion and get more sellers calling you for help.

Commercial Property Newsletters – 10 Most Effective Newsletter Strategies To Dominate Your Market

Real estate newsletters help you with winning prospects, cold calling, and listings. In simple terms they help you dominate your market and build your market share. These are the 10 most important newsletter strategies for real estate agents.

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