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How Real Estate Flyers Sell Homes

The challenge of selling a home is easier than you think. Experienced real estate agents have a wide range of tools to get your house sold. One very effective method is printing real estate flyers. Professionally prepared flyers can be distributed by hand during an open house. People who live in the neighborhood may know of friends or relatives who want to live nearby. Mailings can be sent to clients and other agents.

3 Tips Creating Your Short Sale Business for Maximum Net Income

Discover three parts to creating your short sale business that will have you with a great net income. With a focus on marketing and lead conversion you will have more fun and generate more listings.

A Look At Some Real Estate Marketing Ideas

It is very important for this article to take a much closer look at some of the most unique real estate marketing ideas so that people within this field can take the proper approach. No tactic can guarantee results, the point of this piece is toss around some thoughts outside of the box.

4 Sales Scripts to Convert Sellers Into Customers in Minutes

Discover 4 tips to help you convert seller leads into appointments and listings. 4 powerful methods to use as your sales scripts that will have sellers eager to meet with you.

How I Found My Real Estate Cash Buyers At Auctions

How to use real estate auctions to find and build your leads for cash buyers! In many cases people overlook the ability to connect with cash buyers at real estate auctions. Contained within are some critical steps in obtaining these highly important individuals.

Is Your Real Estate Website an Up-To-Date Lead Generating Marketing Tool?

Every real estate agent knows a website is critical to a lead-generation strategy. Learn how to determine if your real estate website is doing more harm than good with our handy checklist.

3 Questions That Will Convert Short Sale Leads Into Customers in Minutes

As you are generating short sale leads, how are you converting them into business? How many leads does it take to get a customer? Discover 3 questions to ask to use as your sales script.

2 Quick Tips – QR Code Marketing for Short Sale Prospects

Discover 2 quick tips on how to get more short sale prospects contacting you by using FREE QR Codes. QR Codes can drive traffic from your short sale postcards, open house flyers and more. Quick marketing methods to help you generate more short sale leads today.

A Schedule for Marketing Success for Your Real Estate Business

Discover 4 elements to include as part of your marketing schedule for your real estate business. When you can control your schedule you can generate more leads and income.

Shopping Centre Managers – How to Market Your Shopping Centre in 3 Ways

The ongoing marketing of a shopping centre is a special focus for many shopping centre managers. Here we give you a checklist to use in marketing the property in 3 essential ways.

Top 10 Ways to Know You Are a Real Estate Agent Who’s Doing Business Deal to Deal

The life of a real estate agent can be a tough life, running around searching for a buyers, looking for homes to list and trying to scare up a transaction or two. A key to agent success is to develop a real estate marketing-based business that generates a steady flow of new leads. Most real estate agents operate deal to deal, working very hard to get a deal, servicing that deal and then starting over looking for the next deal, it’s a “hamster-wheel” existence. When they do start over looking for the next deal, they often start looking for a quick fix. This is not a good way to structure your business or organize your life.

How to Put the Power of YouTube to Work in Your Real Estate Marketing

YouTube is truly an amazing marketing tool for real estate agents-posting videos of your listings, information about your area and basic information about buying and selling homes. Today’s successful agents are creating personal video profiles, posting them on YouTube and linking to their website, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites. Your personal video profile is a great way to get prospects to feel comfortable with you before they ever meet you.

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