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Realtors: A New Strategy For Farming Your Neighborhood

The Internet has changed the real estate business forever. With all of the “me-too” sites out there, it’s become increasingly difficult for Realtors to stand out and become “top of mind” in their markets. Rather than just endlessly singing your own praises with expensive neighborhood mailings, here’s a simple way to show your prospects that you’re a neighborhood expert who really cares, using a combination of offline and online strategies.

Newsletter Marketing For Life Long Real Estate Sales Success

Every Realtor knows they should have a monthly newsletter, but none of them do it. You should get started now by locally outsourcing your monthly real estate newsletter. It creates a serious competitive market advantage.

10 Guerilla Marketing Ideas for Wholesaling for Quick Cash

How can you get more out of your wholesaling marketing and get more results with less? There are endless forms of wholesaling marketing available to real estate investors today. 90% of them can work given they are planned and executed correctly and best practices are applied.

Wholesaling Marketing Tips for Engaging Young Buyers

How can real estate investors better connect with one of today’s biggest and most profitable groups of home buyers for more profit? Wholesaling marketing generally consists of advertising and getting in front of other investors and real estate professionals. There is a big market for reaching these groups out there and it’s often the best match for a wholesaler’s strategy and product.

Ways to Market Your House for Sale

Selling your house doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are things you can do to help your house sell. Before you spend more money on repairs, try these ways to sell your house quickly.

What The Future Holds For Online Real Estate

Real estate agents face a multitude of challenges in the industry today, including competition from mega-sites like Zillow and Trulia. Learn how you can leverage the latest tools and methods to stay ahead of the trends.

How To Get The Best Real Estate Negotiation For Your First Purchase

Purchasing real estate properties can be very hard and very expensive. Therefore, knowing how to negotiate with others can help you make the deal better.

Let Market Updates Boost Your Client Contact Success in a Commercial Real Estate Agency

Your client contact and prospecting process in commercial real estate agency has to relevant and specific today if you are going to build your listing numbers and commissions. Here are some tips and ideas to help agents put relevance into their client contact and prospecting cycle.

Is Tax Time the Best Time for Wholesaling Properties?

Is tax time the best time of the year for wholesaling properties? Is this time to reel in and pull back wholesaling marketing efforts or kick them into high gear? Many real estate investors might think that everyone else is too busy worrying about filing taxes or are in a cash crunch trying to come up with the usurious amounts the IRS is asking for at this time of year, but that isn’t the case for millions of Americans.

Key Marketing Tips in Commercial Real Estate Agency

In commercial real estate agency today, the marketing process that you adopt should be specific to the property type, the location, and your relevant skills and knowledge. When you are specific in sending all three messages, it’s a lot easier for you as an agent when it comes to winning listings. We all know that every listing presentation will usually be a competitive process.

Are Your Wholesaling Efforts Being Sabotaged By Blunders in Marketing?

Success at wholesaling homes is hugely reliant on effective marketing. This remains true whether you are simply engaging in face to face networking or are launching a barrage of on and offline direct marketing campaigns in different mediums. Sadly, simple mistakes result in many investors failing to see the results they hope for.

Wholesaling Marketing: Where’s Your Call to Action?

Are you being sold out of selling by slick salesmen? Is your wholesaling marketing flunking and failing to turn people on to your real estate investing services and great product? Perhaps you are being fooled into taking the wrong approach.

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