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Short Sale Marketing Methods To Get Short Sale Sellers Chasing You

Discover 3 short sale marketing methods to get prospects chasing you. From social networking to showing up in their mailbox discover the marketing secrets that will allow you to take 20+ short sale listings monthly.

What Is Yellow Letter Marketing?

When is the last time you received a hand-written, hand-addressed letter in the mail? (Store-bought birthday cards with three lines of writing don’t count.) When did you last open an envelope – one that someone had to lick in order to seal – to find a carefully folded piece (or pieces) of paper with an actual person’s actual handwriting on it?

Marketing on Craigslist For Buyers: Is It Worth It?

The key to flipping properties consistently month after month is having motivated cash buyers. There are tons of ways to market for cash buyers in your area.

3 Successful Real Estate Lead Generation Practices

Are you constantly searching for leads that you can turn into sales? Find out about the different types of real estate lead generation services you can use to help you find clients.

Real Estate Services: How to Market Yourself

Marketing your services isn’t as daunting as it may seem. There are easy ways to establish yourself as the real estate agent to work with and will show others that you are credible and trustworthy.

Commercial Real Estate Sales – Why Sell the Property Now?

Reasons for selling a commercial property are diverse and unique to the seller. Knowing how to get to the real reason for sale, will help you with the listing and marketing solution that reduces the time on market and gets the best prices.

Real Estate Listings – Bring Attention to the Homes You Are Selling

Real estate listings are essential to make known to the public about the latest properties that are for sale in a particular area. It is in the internet where you can find the largest market to sell your properties as most home buyers and investors these days search online for some possible properties to invest their money into.

Handwritten Vs Traditional Marketing Letters

There is a tremendous difference in the response rates for handwritten marketing letters versus traditional business marketing letters. Handwritten envelopes get opened because they look different from the normal marketing materials we receive in the mail.

Choosing the Best 3D Rendering Artist

If you’re a home builder or real estate agent looking for the best 3D rendering Artist then please read the following information. This article describes the best practices and tips for choosing the best 3D artist for your next house rendering project.

In Real Estate, Is Price Really Important?

We have talked so much about price, who sets it and if you as an agent can control it. You can but it needs to be planned and if you are asking your vendor to reduce their price, you need to have the facts and information to fully support your advice. I saw a sign recently on a piece of land that used to house a motor garage complete with a petrol selling forecourt.

Start a Real Estate Site: Prospect the Easy Way

If you would like to stop worrying over how you are going to find new clients to work with and are tired of competing with hundreds of other agents, start your own website. You will establish yourself as a great agent, offer helpful services on the site for clients, and have all the prospects who contact you all to yourself.

What Kind of Material Should I Use For My Real Estate Sign?

Your real estate signs represent an opportunity. They are your biggest advertisement and your first impression toward potential clients. It’s important to choose the right sign material if you want your sign to be as effective as you are.

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