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Why is Your Agent Website All About the City?

You sell real estate, so why are you acting like you work for the chamber of commerce? Let your agent website sell you, and let the Chamber sell the City.

Writing Home For Sale Ads? Let Your Sellers Help

Real estate agents who let their sellers help create marketing materials have an edge over those who don’t. The sellers know things about the house that agents don’t know, and sometimes those are the very things that will attract a new buyer.

5 Cheap and Easy Ways For Realtors to Advertise and Market Real Estate

Use your business cards as an advertisement. Instead of being too generic, add a call to action right on the card, a reason for the potential client to call you.

Short Guide to Successful Traffic Generation in Real Estate

We all know how hard it is starting a business, much less a successful business, especially in the real estate industry. This article is intended to help you increase traffic generation in real estate, thus, making your business more successful!

Listing Expired Listings – First They Need to Trust You

Homeowners whose home listings have expired unsold have a right to be skeptical of real estate agents – they’ve been misled or lied to in some way. So your first task in listing expired listings is to gain their trust. Here’s how.

Marketing to Senior Citizens – Assume Nothing!

Making assumptions about home sellers based on age is a big mistake. Senior citizens come in as many varieties as younger sellers.

Looking Back to Real Estate Practice in 1985

People and their needs don’t change. But the way agents practice real estate sales has changed drastically in the last 25 years. Here’s a look back at how things were in a small town in the late 1980’s.

Is Your Listing Agent Helping Or Hurting Your Home Sale?

Hiring a listing agent to help you sell your home is important in the Boise real estate market, and choosing that listing agent is key to getting your home sold. Far too many real estate agents in Boise list homes with the express purpose of “double ending”, or representing both the seller and the buyer to earn both commissions, the transaction.

New Real Estate Agent? Generate Leads and Build Your Business

Whether you’re a brand new real estate agent or a seasoned veteran, take the 60-day-challenge to boost your business! Your First 60 Days are the most critical.

Time is of the Essence – So How Are Top Earning Real Estate Professionals Spending It?

New real estate business owners spend too much time putting out fires all day. Not knowing how to prioritize can mean the beginning of the end for many real estate sales professionals. Marketing is most important.

How Technology Changed Real Estate

It goes without saying that the Internet has changed just about every aspect of people’s lives nowadays and that includes how they acquire or put their properties up for sale. I’m talking about social networking sites, blogs, and video-uploading sites giving home buyers and sellers more options to get information about the housing market. Whether this boom in information at a click of a button is for better or worse is not a simple matter.

Call Capture is Turning Good Real Estate Agencies Into Great Businesses

High quality leads means a high ROI and bigger profits. Call capture is one of the trade secrets that many successful real estate agencies use, and can provide the distinction between struggling businesses and booming operations. Call capture effectively generates and tracks leads for real estate agents in a non invasive and efficient way.

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