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Perfectionism Is Killing Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts

How has perfectionism affected your results and real estate marketing efforts lately? Have you taken any recent inventory on what may be inhibiting you from moving forward or taking your business to the next level? In this brief article, we’ll review some of the roadblocks that you may currently have setup that could be destroying results.

Internet Marketing Vs SEO For Real Estate Agents

In this article I explain the differences and key functions between SEO and Internet Marketing. I also explain why a solid online marketing campaign and effective SEO strategy can provide the solutions you’re looking for in your real estate business by driving traffic. I’ll do my best to keep it simple and educational.

How To Market Real Estate On YouTube To Win

How do agents and brokers successfully market real estate with YouTube? Why does it seem that some agents find huge success with video advertising on YouTube while others fail miserably? If you’re wondering if there are secrets to what they’re doing or a method to the madness…there is, and this article will cover those things. More importantly, I’ll reveal the number one mistake most agents make when it comes to online strategies and how to avoid it.

You Are Always on the Go, But Is Your Business Mobile?

You are always on the go, but is your business really mobile? Mobile marketing is emerging as one of the best marketing strategies for real estate, as it is efficient, effective, and inexpensive. As buyers’ desire for convenience and necessity for portability continue to grow, a mobile presence for any real estate company is vital.

Top 6 Strategies With Website Real Estate Lead Generating

As a real estate professional, having your own website that is the source of critical information to property stakeholders can be a win-win solution. For your target market, it provides them helpful insight into their home search; for you as a realtor, the website can also serve as your real estate generating strategy.

Real Estate Lead Generation: How to Do It the Modern Way

As a professional Realtor, chances are you are aware that real estate lead generation techniques should be as dynamic as the constantly evolving industry. Market needs and demands are continuously shifting, so it is important for you to come up with new strategies that are in step with the times. But did you know that there is a big difference between just modern lead generators and truly innovative techniques that best build your name in the industry?

Real Estate Marketing Ideas – Some Must Know Facts

Real estate is one of the booming markets and a large number of individuals love to invest their money in this market in order to make some quick profits. If you are planning to purchase a dream home for you and your family, then you must consider investing money in this market.

The Shopping Center Social Media Test

The test below is designed to analyze your shopping center’s social media campaign. Simply check off the questions that apply to your property and find out what you’re doing right and what areas need improvement. Before you start, open your shopping center’s website, Facebook page and Twitter page in your web browser.

Are Open Houses a Thing of the Past?

You see for sale signs all over the place, but far less frequent are open house signs. Many believe that open houses are so 20th century and that today’s savvy buyers research on-line and are just too busy to be bothered with open houses.

Rental Property Marketing Plans

In order to sell a rental property, having more creativity is an advantage. It can boost you with more buyers or it can allow you to sell more properties.

Top 5 Benefits of Emailed Search Services for Real Estate Generation

In a highly competitive industry made more challenging because of a tough national economy, real estate agents can still find affordable and effective real estate lead generation techniques that allow them to be on top of the game. Getting help from a reputable real estate lead generation service provider can assure realtors a steady and strong client list that gets updated regularly. What’s amazing is that this wider, more far-reaching leads base isn’t just spoon-fed and controlled by the lead generating company.

Lead Generation Real Estate Techniques: How to Effectively Generate Quality Real Estate Leads

Smart and eloquent real estate agents used to be the most important ones needed to succeed in a real estate business. Such individuals are still deemed extremely beneficial and helpful in this industry.

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