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Real Estate: Marketing Strategy and Concepts

When it come to referrals, few business rely on them more than the Real Estate Sector. When it comes time to choose who to either help us purchase, or help us sell out house, very few people actually look in the phone book. We all know it’s antiquated anyway. People ask around. Who did you use? Who would you use? So it’s not only of vital importance that you do your job in properly marketing the house, or quickly finding matching properties for buyers, but going that one extra step after the purchase or sale is what keep your name ingrained in the clients head.

The Personal Brochure: A Real Estate Agent’s Most Effective Tool

“What’s the one thing I should do with my real estate marketing to build my personal brand and generate leads?” I get asked this question all the time. New agents or agents who are struggling with a marketing budget will ask this question and I always preface it by answering: Marketing is a holistic endeavor and, unfortunately, real estate agents being salespeople are always looking for the next big thing or the silver bullet to solve their client attraction problems.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Accountability Coaching Vs Mindset Coaching

Have you tried business coaching and found it ineffective? Maybe you need to consider the different types of coaching and find the right type for you.

The Art of an Effective Real Estate Flyer

A real estate flyer is a helpful tool for real estate investors who want to set their houses apart from the competition. An effective flyer can make your house more attractive.

3 Local Short Sale Marketing Tips to Yield More Leads and Listings

3 simple steps to localizing your marketing efforts with short sales. When you can localize your marketing you can have more sellers rushing to you for help.

Help Generate Real Estate Leads With Targeted Marketing and Branding Capabilities on Social Media

In this social media-driven age, too many agents tend to get sloppy when it comes to their Facebook and Twitter profiles. The key to success in social media marketing is to break out of the mold and differentiate yourself with your own personal brand.

3 Short Sale Mobile Marketing Methods to Generate Leads and Sales

3 tips to getting more leads with short sale mobile marketing. Reach new customers quickly and easily through their mobile phones.

Real Estate Marketing in a Luxury Market

Making the leap to luxury real estate? The 5 most important real estate marketing strategies you need to know.

Real Estate Marketing – Logos That Generate Leads

A personal logo’s primary job is to stimulate your client’s memory so that with just a glance, your identity is reinforced in your prospect’s mind. When done right, a logo gives you a powerful subconscious advantage in the mind of the consumers. It will make a good marketing campaign better and make your clients feel more comfortable calling you.

A Hollywood Ending for Your Short Sale Marketing

Discover 3 methods that will have your short sale marketing stand out like a Hollywood movie. Without spending 100’s of millions on a movie, put these marketing tactics into action to have more sellers reaching out to you for help.

How to Market Commercial Real Estate for Sale or Lease

The marketing of commercial real estate is today more sophisticated and must reach the target market. Many marketing tools are available to the real estate agent, but the tools have to be matched to the target market. When you market a property well, you sell and lease more listings.

Attract New Real Estate Clients and Become an Educational Ambassador With The Power of Video

Video marketing is revolutionizing the way we search the internet. This is especially so in the Real Estate market where eager searchers want to see their options faster than ever. Realtors cannot be left behind in this video marketing revolution.

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