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4 Best Content Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Wholesalers

What are the best content marketing strategies for those wholesaling properties? There are many wholesaling marketing channels for real estate investors today. Many work, but content marketing is becoming increasingly important and valuable for wholesaling houses and generating real estate leads.

Use Google to Find Real Estate Deals

With Google you can run advertising campaigns on what is called “Google AdWords”. If you go to Google and search for anything you’ll see that there are listings down the side of the page and a couple at the top. These are paid advertisements.

3 Easy Ways To Get Top Quality Real Estate Blog Content

Feel overwhelmed trying to get your blog content researched, written and posted? There are a number of easy ways to get high quality real estate blog content for your website. Here are three easy ways for you to consider.

Wholesaling Properties: Detroit’s Bankruptcy – Its Best PR Move Yet?

Has Detroit’s bankruptcy actually been the best PR move of the real estate industry yet? If so how can others replicate this success for boosting their own efforts for wholesaling properties for big profits? Bankruptcy has traditionally come with a bad reputation but as many have recently seen it can actually be a very positive thing.

The Pitfalls Of Poor Wholesaling Marketing ROI

How does your wholesaling marketing ROI stack up against the competition? Are you prepared for the side effects of failing to demand the best possible return on your wholesaling marketing efforts? What’s the big deal about better wholesaling marketing ROI?

Google Kills Email Marketing For Wholesaling Houses

Did Google really, finally kill off email as a wholesaling marketing strategy? Why would they do such a thing? What should wholesaling CEOs do now?

Imagery and Words in Real Estate Postcards Marketing

A postcard usually meshes images and words printed on a thick paper meant to deliver a message to the audience. These artistic artifacts are made to make the invisible visible and the unnoticed noticed.

How To Navigate The Trials Of Wholesaling Website Design For Investors

Real estate investors know that they need wholesaling websites but once they start digging in quickly realize it can be a lot more trying than anticipated. So how can investors successfully navigate the pitfalls of designing and launching wholesaling websites and see great results, fast? Either you are just getting into flipping houses and desperately need a website or already have one and have realized it needs a dramatic re-design.

Social Made Simple Increases Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Are you looking for an online tool to help you manage your social media presence and increase it’s effectiveness? This review of such a tool, Social Made Simple, describes why this is a great tool for real estate agents looking to utilize social media to build their business.

How to Get All of Your Real Estate Marketing For FREE

Here is how you can start any type of marketing campaign with absolutely no cash or credit. Yes, you can get all of your marketing for free. Although it will take a little effort on your part, once you set this up you will be able to simply run your campaigns 100% cost free.

Marketing Versus Prospecting in Real Estate Investing

I’d rather have ten ways to get one lead than one way to get ten leads. That’s very important. If you’re only relying on one source, you’re not going to get many calls.

Wholesaling Websites: Driving Web Traffic and Ranking After New Google Changes

How can investors and wholesaling CEOs keep driving more website traffic and keep up their rankings in the wake of Google’s new changes? A couple of weeks ago Google announced a new update to its Penguin algorithm for ranking wholesaling websites in online searches. This could be disastrous for many that have neglected previous warnings, though certainly opens the doors of opportunity for those that move quickly to jump ahead of the pack.

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