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5 Steps to Successful Real Estate Marketing

The key to making money in real estate is finding motivated sellers. Until you learn to find the deals, you will always struggle. Learn the secrets that successful real estate marketers know.

Secrets of Real Estate Marketing for New Agents

It seems as though marketing is the most difficult thing for a new real estate agent to perform properly. But the thing is that Real estate marketing for new agents is incredibly simple and fun! By spending your money on…

Secret and Powerful Marketing Tools for Real Estate

There are 4 profitable activities for real estate agents; prospecting, negotiating, listing, and selling. Discover a competitive edge when it comes to prospecting, by using 2 marketing tools that will remove frustration and stress from prospecting. Those tools for marketing real estate are…

The Art of Real Estate Marketing with Flyers

Real estate marketing is so easy with flyers even though that seems like an ancient method of trying to reach people in this day and age of technology. Believe it or not but if you decide to sell houses and you develop a flyer campaign then it won’t take long for you to get a lot of interest in the home or homes you are selling.

Marketing to Other Real Estate Professionals

To be successful in Real Estate, it is essential to enlist the help of other Real Estate Professionals. Working together with the buyer’s best interest will increase your income.

Strategies for Real Estate Marketing

Are you working long hours and feeling so tired that you could just lay down in the floor of that long empty condo on Baker St. that you have been trying to sell for six months? Have your clients been running you all over town and nit-picking every single house you show them? Has it been 3 weeks since you made a sale? You are likely working with the wrong kind of clients. I know, this sounds like the beginning of an infomercial, but I promise it is not. I have nothing to sell you, I just want to try to give you some pointers on attracting the right group of people to be your clientele in the real estate business.

Real Estate Marketing – Using The Internet To Reach New Clients, Search Engines, And The Press

By using the Internet to leverage your real estate business you can reach your three audiences – new customers, the search engine spiders, and the press. Read on to find out how to do this to increase your business and attract new clients.

Market Your Services Where Most Real Estate Buyers Shop

Real estate buyers have changed over the past few years. Now that 80% begin their home search on line, smart Realtors are using a strong marketing message on personal web sites. Now is the time to stand out from the crowd by showcasing your special skills and expertise.

Selling Strategies for Summer 2007 – What Sellers Need to Know When Marketing Their Property

Accurate pricing and creative marketing will be critical for anyone selling Lake Tahoe and especially Incline Village real estate in 2007. Inventory levels in your neighborhood or condo complex will have a huge impact on how you price your property. There will be nearly 2 properties on the market for every 1 that sells this year and a customized marketing plan will be necessary to differentiate your property from the competition.

Easy Online Real Estate Marketing

Any real estate agent, whether new to the game, or veteran player, knows how important it is to have leads. Leads are not always easy to come by, but since the invention of the internet, they are easier than many agents make them out to be.

Real Estate Investor- Pre-Made Marketing or Create Your Own

So, you understand the importance of putting out marketing to find motivated sellers. I guess you’re tired of looking through countless Multiple Listing Service properties and not finding the truly great deals without looking at 100 properties or more. It takes some investors years to make this discovery, so if you are relatively new to the business congratulations!

Finding Motivated Sellers – One Step Versus Two Step Marketing

You can break your marketing to find motivated sellers into two categories: one step or two step. What’s the difference and when do we use each?

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