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Commercial Agents – Advertising and Marketing Strategies for Creating Property Campaigns

When you write adverts and marketing material for commercial and retail property, it pays to devote the time and effort to develop a targeted campaign using the correct channels and outlets of marketing. Here are some tips for agents that need to write advertising and marketing material for their property listings.

Commercial Agents – Marketing Presentation Kit Ideas and Tips

Marketing presentation kits are really important to your sales pitch and connection with the client. Here are some tips for agents in putting together a presentation kit for commercial and retail real estate today.

The Basics of Online Realtor Marketing

There is no doubt the internet is the number one location for marketing any business and this includes the real estate industry. Real estate agents are beginning to utilize their own websites as well as social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to generate leads and increase their sales with great success.

Facebook Marketing For Realtors

It’s no secret that Facebook has revolutionized the way real estate marketing works today. With more than 845 million monthly active users and nearly 51% of American population on Facebook, this social network appears to be a “Mini World” of some sort!

Current Marketing Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

When it comes to commercial real estate marketing today, the agents listing a property need to be very proactive when it comes to the marketing tools used in the property campaign. Here are some ideas to help agents drive a better listing and marketing effort from the properties they choose to list.

Commercial Real Estate Marketing – Why Signboards Really Matter Today

When it comes to an agent listing a commercial or retail property for sale or for lease, the signboard on the property has a significant part to play in reaching the target audience. Here are some tips to help real estate agents in their marketing processes.

Commercial Agents – Tips for Advertising Commercial Property on the Internet

Advertising and marketing of commercial property today has got a bit easier with the evolution of the internet, but that still does not preclude some special effort being applied to the design and application of marketing material and property detail on the internet websites. Target marketing and well written adverts are essential. Here are some tips for agents in marketing commercial properties today.

5 Tips to Market Real Estate in a Tough Economy

In an economy where the prices of real estate properties continue to depreciate, how can a real estate agent or a realtor continue to market properties to prospects? There are a lot of things that you can do about it, but we all know that not all of them will be as effective as other methods. So in order to help you understand the best ways to market real estate properties, I will be showing you the top 5 methods that you can use in order to make more sales even while in a tough economy.

EDDM Ready Postcards for Real Estate

EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail has once again made it affordable for Real Estate agents to use postcard marketing. And, with EDDM ready postcards for Real Estate, things are even better!

Commercial Real Estate Agents – How to Build Your Market Share

Commercial real estate agents can improve their market share and their listing bank by shifting their mindset to that of a leader and specialist in local commercial property. Ultimately you work for yourself in this industry. Here are some ideas to help your focus as you grow your business.

3 Ways for Real Estate Agents to Get More Clients

The biggest challenge that a real estate agent will encounter in his career is how he can increase the number of clients that he has. We all know that most of these clients are not investors and are only looking for a house where they can live. So as an agent, you cannot expect that all of them will buy a property from you. Read on to find out how you can get more clients without spending more time in building your business.

4 Ways to Generate New Real Estate Leads

One of the challenges that a real estate professional may encounter is how he can increase the number of leads that he can generate. The problem with most agents and realtors is that they are not aware of the things that they can do to increase the number of people who are interested with their service.

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