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Effectively Using Ugly Yellow Signs to Generate Real Estate Buyer Leads

The real estate industry is a profitable but competitive sector in business. To be one of the successful real estate agents, learn a secret and simple way of generating leads. The secret is making use of inexpensive do-it-yourself signage.

How to Get Post-It Notes Distributed and Get Tons of Sellers to Calling You

Company Distribution There are companies out there that do distribution of post-it notes. There’s a company called Markot. I’m not going to recommend them because I tried them and I was not particularly happy.

Discover How to Use Post-It Notes to Get Sellers Calling in Droves

As we talked about, post-it notes come in two sizes – large and small. They are different style templates. One is landscape and one is portrait, so you get a sample of both.

How and Where to Get Post-it Notes Printed and Motivated Sellers Calling You

Let’s talk about post-it note details, the actual physical characteristics of a post-it note. There are a couple of things I want you to be aware of. Typically they’re going to be 3×5 – that’s what I’ll call a small size – or a 4×6, and they can be landscape or portrait.

How to Make Bandit Signs Work and How They Can Help You Find Potential Sellers

What Are Bandit Signs? Let’s start with what are bandit signs? A lot of people may not know what they are.

Why Successful Investors Use a Target Area When Marketing For Potential Sellers

When you market for potential sellers you’re going to go back to your target area, and this is one of the things we do with our coaching students is we really spend time focusing on target areas. If you really want to be successful as a real estate investor, you’ve got to have a pretty focused target. Become an Expert on a Targeted Area If you’re trying to buy in a whole city like Philadelphia or Cleveland, you’re not going to be very successful because you’re never going to become the…

Discover How to Get Post-It Notes Distributed and Sit Back and Wait For Sellers to Call

Response Typically you’ll know when your people are out there delivering the way they should be. If they tell you they’re delivering on Tuesday and you don’t get a single call, then maybe it’s worth driving the neighborhood to verify and see if they’re still on there. If they’re going out at 4:00 in the afternoon to deliver post-it notes, maybe you should get in your car at 7:00 and drive around to see if you can see them on the doors.

Hang on Tight in a Falling Real Estate Market

If you are a real estate investor or just a homeowner, you must be having a tough time in a falling real estate market. This is a period when the number of foreclosure cases keeps on increasing and the property prices keep falling down. The best way to survive such a difficult period is to hang on tight.

Learn How to Use the #1 Way to Attract Potential Sellers With Post-it Notes

Why do we do post-it notes and what is it? You’re probably familiar with the 3M little 2×2 or 3×4 yellow post-it notes that you can write notes on and stick them on your computer, window, or whatever at your office. You can maybe tag mark a page.

Real Estate Investors – Why Post-it Notes Are the Single Best Marketing Strategy

Let’s talk about post-it notes. We’ll do it real quick and do some basics in marketing. We previously talked about this, but it’s basic and it’s important.

The Importance of Using Free Reports to Get Sellers to Call You and Close Deals

Let’s talk about free reports. One of the things we’ve talked about is the fundamentals of marketing, including one-step marketing and two-step marketing, the fact that we really stressed that we’re going to be doing two-step marketing. Create an Advertisement You’re going to put out something – an ad, a postcard, whatever – and your objective is not to make the sale, but to get that person to raise their hand and to email you, call you, call your voice recorded message line, go to your website, whatever – but to raise their hand, show some interest, and…

How to Use a Free Report to Convince Sellers to Sell to You!

What’s included in a free report? It’s very simple. It’s in bullet point form.

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