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Real Estate Website Marketing Tip – Age Means Something

Given an equal playing field, a real estate site with a history will out perform a new site, hands down. For search engines, the longevity of a site is important because it shows that there is a desire to update the site regularly, a client visitor base, and a imperative to provide related content. Conversely, there are movie sites.

Real Estate Website Marketing Tip

Online real estate marketing is one big popularity contest. On the main page of most major search engines there is room for 10 competitors. However, for most of us getting placement in the top three listings would be ideal. First listing placement is the best while 10th is, well um, sort of okay… I guess.

Marketing Tips For Your Real Estate Investment

Learn how to get the maximum value for your real estate investment.

Stop Working So Hard – Automate Your Real Estate Marketing

Are you doing the same things again and again in your real estate business? Stop wasting your time. Automate!

Most Realtors Need a Marketing Makeover

Most Realtor web sites give visitors no reason to choose the site owner. In fact, many sites make it difficult to find out the name of the Realtor behind the site. Begin now to use your Realtor website as a marketing tool.

Commercial Mortgage Broker Marketing Secrets

Countless surveys and articles have been written about how an independent commercial mortgage broker can market themselves. You can attend seminars, read books, listen to web broadcasts, or get the advice of your business associates. Marketing advice is everywhere, but who gets it? Who does it right?

Spiderman on Real Estate Web Marketing

Learn how to bend the web to your will just like Spidey.

Real Estate – How To Make Use Of Internet And Other Ways For Marketing

Searching for the sellers now have become such and important issue that all the marketing techniques have focused on finding the sellers. In our article, we will tell you how to make use of such things in the best possible way to get the sellers. Here the list of the things you can focus on for marketing purpose.

Know Why Your House Is Not Being Sold- Marketing Plan And The Lock-Box

Are you tired of not being able to sell your house? First of all, make sure that your house is priced right, in good shape and condition, in a good location, and your listing agent is easy to work with. If you still fail to get offers, you need not worry. In this case, your marketing plan is most probably the problem!

Real Estate – A Great Marketing Strategy

Marketing is quite expensive now days. But we have a great trick to tell you about marketing so that you can focus on getting more sellers at a very low cost and actually you can rule the market with this idea.

The Virtual Open House Is Changing Real Estate Marketing

The modern day real estate market of the Internet has changed the way real estate is sold today. There was a time when people used newspaper ads and open houses to find homes. Today, web connected homebuyers are using the Internet.

Real Estate – Common Marketing Mistakes By An Investor

We have seen a lot of people committing such trivial mistakes that cost them a lot. The mistakes that could be avoided very easily and the worst thing is that almost everyone does the same type of mistakes.

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