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Realtor Email Marketing Guide – Renting the Perfect List For Massive Leads

As a Realtor or agent, email marketing can be a goldmine for you, if you use it properly. You have a few options to play with but if you don’t want to mess with building an email marketing “opt-in list” of your own, then renting or buying a list of email addresses is what you want to do. But contrary to what you might think, this is NOT spamming. So you don’t need to worry about the marketing police banging down your door.

What Do Real Estate Agents and NFL Players Have in Common?

Big money? Exclusive contracts? High stakes? How are real estate agents and NFL players alike? You probably never thought there could be such a comparison, right? Real estate agents deal with the serious business of buying and selling houses and interact with buyers, sellers, lenders, and title companies on a daily basis. NFL players, on the other hand, run around in helmets and tight pants throwing a ball at each other and get to dance in the end zone when things go their way. What could these two professions possibly have in common?!! Hmmm… here are just a few things that come to mind…

Practical Preparations in Property Investing

In property investing, we have to consider certain lore which would be our key to attaining the success that we wanted. As a beginner on this field, you would likely to learn more that this doesn’t always depend on whatever happens on your investment rather in your alacrity to work hard for what you have decided. It is best to know first what should we know about it and what are the needs in it.

Property Portfolio – How Important is It?

A real property investor should know how vital it is to have a property portfolio. This can be your fundamental tool for gathering more potential buyers. When you display many good qualities on your portfolio, there will be no reason for the clients to not liking the property along for them to rent or buy it.

Must Know’s When it Comes to Property Investing

When it comes to property investing, we have to be analytical enough in order for us to achieve the success that we wanted. Being a novice or a professional doesn’t count on this subject. What matters most is that if you’re working hard on it for you to attain the best results. Subscribing on magazines that refer to real estates and visiting them may help you decide properly. These are some of the basic needs that can assist you to getting the best investment opportunities.

Stratagem in Real Estate Marketing

Most investors are now inclined to invest their money on properties. This kind of industry is more profitable compare to other kinds of businesses.

How Do You Choose a Dental Or Orthodontic Marketing Firm?

While doing a bit of research online today I ran across an article that was supposed to tell the reader what to look for in a marketing firm. What got me thinking wasn’t that the article was poorly written or that two thirds of the article was one large link (not good for an online marketing firm).

How to Make Passive Income Online With a Real Estate Blog

When choosing to create a real estate blog for the purpose of generating leads & passive income, you must focus on a niche. In order to identify a niche, you need to ask yourself what everybody is talking about nowadays. In this article, I am going to focus on creating a short sale blog and generating short sale leads while generating income helping this particular segment of the population.

Expired Listing Letter and Real Estate Marketing Tips

The expired listing letter is a valuable asset for real estate marketing plans. Expired listings refer to realty contracts that have expired between sellers and their agent.

3 Reasons Most Mortgage Lead Generation Fail

There’s nothing more frustrating than a failed mortgage lead generating campaign. Here’s the most likely cause…

Forum Marketing For Realtors – Free, Massive Traffic on Semi-Autopilot!

If you’re a “tight-wad” like me, when it comes to your Realtor marketing budget, you’re going to love “forum marketing.” It costs you absolutely $0; only your time. It’s super-duper simple and it can be set on autopilot, sort of.

Blog Marketing For Realtors and Agents – How to Get a Flood of Free Search Engine Traffic!

What Realtor or agent wouldn’t want masses of free traffic beating a path to their website or blog? We spend countless hours and small fortunes attracting prospects to our websites and cell phones, trying to turn them into profitable clients. Wouldn’t you rather have a marketing technique that ran on auto-pilot, sent you a constant stream of targeted prospects to your site or blog and cost you mere pennies or even nothing at all?

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