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Realtor Marketing – Advanced Digital Photography Will Sell Homes on Your Customized Website

We are entering a new era of using the internet to sell homes. Home buyers are getting younger and the numbers who are not online is dwindling to almost zero. This new generation of home buyer online has higher expectations than buyers did just a few years ago.

Realtor Websites – What Captures More Leads – A Stealth Website Or a Branded Realtor Website?

Some people think that a “stealth real estate website” will capture more leads for Realtors than a website with a Realtor name on it. The theory is that internet searchers are afraid of being contacted by salespeople and thus want to remain anonymous in their home searching.

Realtor Websites – Dominate the Local Search Engines by Customizing and Optimizing Your Own Site

Did you know that a one-person real estate business can create a customized website that will beat out the big companies and dominate local search engines? In the dog-eat-dog market for realty sales, the winners will be those who get the most quality real estate leads.

Realtor Marketing – How a Single Realtor Can Beat Out National Companies at Internet Marketing

Many people think a single Realtor or small realty company is unable to compete online against large real estate companies. This is not true. It is true that the majority of high real estate search engine (Google) rankings are held by large companies.

Realtor Marketing – How to Use Targeted Pay Per Click Ads to Bring a Steady Stream of New Leads

Realtors can use pay per click (PPC) advertising to make money, but most consider it as something that costs money. If done wrong it will cost you money, but if done right it can make you a lot of money. PPC advertising is especially great when for some reason you can’t get your website ranked high enough in Google to get free search engine traffic.

Real Estate Agent Marketing – .Tel Domains and Other Ideas

More and more home buyers are using the web to research their dream home. This means there is a great opportunity for realtors to market themselves online as well. This article provides 5 online realtor marketing tips that can help you grow your list of clients.

How to Market Your Apartments For Sale Or Rent

Selling an apartment or flat in a condominium is a little different than selling a house. Apartment comes handy when you are looking for a small residence in some highly populated area but the problem arises when you have to sell it. Many people prefer to stay as tenants instead of purchasing an apartment.

Google Real Estate Service – The Truth Behind the Rumors

These are not just rumors, Google has actually started a real estate search service that will help users in finding apartment, commercial buildings, house for sale or rent, land or any other kind of real property anywhere (covers almost all major cities) in the world. Just type the name of area and click on “get real estate listing” button and you will be presented with a number of recent real estate listings in your desired locality.

Real Estate Marketing Script – Your Lead – Generating Response to “How’s the Market?”

Are you a Realtor or Lender looking for an easy, free way to add potential clients to your database? Use this real estate marketing script instead of spending your hard-earned dollars on print ads and mailers, and discover the power of the right words, spoken at the right time, by the right person: You!

A Realtor Without a Website is Like a Realtor Without Business Cards – Out of Business

They used to say “If you’re out of cards you’re out of business,” and that’s how it is today for an agent without a website. Without one, buyers and sellers have no way to get acquainted with you and decide if they want to use your services. Consumers want information, and if you don’t give it to them, they’ll go on to the agent who will.

How to Get Spanish Mortgage Leads

It’s a widely known concept that mortgage brokers who focus on Spanish speakers are increasing their income at a quick rate. Statistics are noticing and publishing the consumption influence of the Latino market. But if these statistics are so commonly available, why aren’t more companies focusing on Spanish mortgage leads?

Top 4 Ways to Increase the Effectiveness of Signage

Learn how to design an effective apartment sign. Using these four key suggestions can help increase your overall traffic and could generate a potential rental.

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