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Real Estate Finder Fees As a Source of Extra Income

Dependent upon the state you live in it’s possible you may have missed out on an extra source of income. In certain states real estate finder fees are illegal, though, in California that provide people with extra money.

Realtor Marketing Tips – How Viral Marketing Can Help You

You want to be the best realtor you can be so you need all of the best Realtor marketing tips to get you started in real estate and to keep you the number one Realtor people want to come to. One of the first Realtor marketing tips is to get to know other Realtors.

New Realtor Marketing and Viral Marketing

To help you succeed in your Realtor career you should send out Realtor marketing letters. You will use your Realtor marketing letters to help your business grow. Your Realtor marketing letters will help your business grow by making new business relationships with potential home buyers, home sellers and other Realtor agents.

Living in Florida – Is it Life Or a Vacation?

Living in Florida certainly has its advantages for many people it is the weather, known as the sunshine state. Many residents have lived in the north and decide to move to a warmer climate including many retirees. Florida offers all of the tourism activities as places to work or to visit from time to time such as Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, and the well known beaches on both coasts.

Discover the Three Options to Placing Bandit Signs Where Potential Sellers Will See Them

How to put the bandit signs up? I know it seems silly, but how do you put these signs up?

A Better Way to Generate Real Estate Leads

Real estate is the business of looking for buyers and sellers of properties. Potential buyers are called leads. If these leads become quite sure of their intention to buy, they are then called prospects. An agent then assists these prospects as they scout around for a house to buy.

How to Avoid the #1 Problem With Bandit Signs – Local Signs Ordinances!

When putting up bandit signs, you want to angle your bandit sign in as convenient place as possible. If you can, do it near a red light, or on or off intersections of highways where people are slowing down. If they want to they would even have the option to pull their car over and write the phone number down.

The Magic of Bandit Signs and How to Get Them Out

I get tenants of mine that for a few extra bucks will go out and put 50 signs up for me on a Friday afternoon and pull them up on Sunday. Sometimes they’ll put up 50 and pull in 30. They leave a few around.

Powerful Tips on How to Set Up Bandit Signs to Get Motivated Sellers to Call You

Okay we’re talking about marketing to get sellers to call you. With the bandit signs, you’re going to use traditionally the 18×24 inch signs.

Real Estate Investors – Why You Should Use 800 Numbers on Bandit Signs

What I would recommend is that you use a 1-800 message. We talked about this I think on one of the very first calls. You have a 1-800 number that will go into a two- or three-minute message about what you can do in terms of buying houses.

Purchasing Mortgage Leads – 6 Simple Tips

Now more than ever, spending money on marketing can be extremely stressful. By following these 6 simple tips you can minimize some of the risks of investing in a sales lead campaign.

11 Profitable Reasons For Using Ugly Yellow Signs to Generate Real Estate Buyer Leads

During my tests of over 5000 ugly yellow signs I have identified 11 profitable reason why real estate agents should be using them to generate buyer leads for their business. More than ever real estate agents have to think outside the box to be competitive.

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