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Real Estate Leads

Real estate leads are sales leads identified by a Realtor, broker or other industry professionals for the purpose of buying, selling, or investing in residential or commercial property. Most agents find there leads from two sources:

Online Marketing for Wholesaling Real Estate: Stickiness Vs. Conversions

  The internet is one of the best things that has happened for wholesaling real estate marketing but it has also brought many distractions and complications for investors.   One of the most controversial issues today is the mission to make websites more ‘sticky’. Having a sticky website can be a good thing until it just means prospects are just getting stuck.

Build Your Real Estate Brand With Pinterest With These 7 Tips

With just over 4 million and counting people sharing pins in this community, Pinterest offers a ripe opportunity for you to connect with buyers and sellers alike in your area. And, since it is a super visual site that you can use links in, it is an ideal way for you to build your Google power. Here 7 key ways that you can build your brand on Pinterest while growing your search engine mojo.

How to Generate Real Estate Leads Using Twitter

Real estate agents need to use Twitter for marketing to potential real estate buyers and sellers. However, many real estate agents are not marketing on Twitter the right way. They are either spamming or focusing too much on selling instead of interacting. This article covers the best things to do and what to avoid when trying to get real estate leads from Twitter.

How to Generate Real Estate Leads on Facebook

Real estate agents should be using Facebook to generate buyer and seller leads. Understanding how to post on Facebook to capture leads is important to being successful. This article discusses the proper way to get real estate leads and not annoy your audience in the process.

How to Get More Buyer Leads From Craigslist

Real estate agents should be marketing on Craigslist to get more buyer leads. Unfortunately most agents are not using this tactic or don’t understand how to post compelling ads that get buyers attention. This article shares information about how to use great Craigslist ads to attract buyers into your marketing funnel.

Stop Prospecting And Start Positioning For More Sales

Prospecting is the one task despised by most sales people. In fact it would be fair to say it would be the weakest link in the career. Unfortunately prospecting is is the one skill most sales managers and business owners pump into their sales teams as a necessary task. No matter what great argument the boss outlines to his team, prospecting is generally hated by salespeople.

Top Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents Marketing Themselves As Experts

When it comes to your commercial real estate career, you must be a top marketer of yourself and your skills. When you get your personal marketing effort focused and under control you can build a top market share and client base. Here are some marketing tips for commercial real estate agents.

What Are Regulated Tenancies?

This specific legislation is usually called as the collective enfranchisement which lets flat leaseholders the authority to join together to buy the freehold of their property. In order to qualify, the leaseholders have to meet some conditions which includes that no individual owns more than two flats in a particular building.

Real Estate Leads – How To Get Free Real Estate Agent Leads

Many real estate agents across the nation are using free referral real estate leads from some of the top companies in the real estate business, but don’t want you to know about it. Agents who are using these leads are paying nothing for the leads but offering great service to home sellers and buyers nation wide.

Advanced Real Estate Bird Dog Marketing: Identify Different Types of Sellers

Locating seller leads as a bird dog can be hard and the best way to attract sellers is by knowing the different types of homeowners so you can bring quality leads to your real estate investor. Once you focus on seller situations, you will start to notice that there will be high quality leads coming to you that translate into more money. Tailor your message to the audience that you are targeting and you will notice that leads will start coming to you.

Advertising Your Property

Let’s now talk about online advertising options. To begin with, I would actually recommend Craigslist (

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