My Thoughts on the Coming Housing & Stock Market Crash.

Top Marketing Brings Results in a Commercial Real Estate Agency

Top marketing in commercial real estate requires the right dialogue and services to match the client and the property. Here are some tips to help you build a great client relationship and presentation or sales pitch.

Higher Conversion Marketing Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

When you market a commercial property for sale or for lease today, there are some rules to follow. Here are some ways to attract the inquiry from buyers and tenants in the local area. Create a marketing checklist from these ideas. Add your local area priorities and build better marketing results.

Real Estate Agent Bios – The Greatest Challenge

Real estate agent bios should make the agent stand out from the crowd. To do so, the writer needs this cooperation from the agent.

Mobile Marketing for Wholesaling Real Estate

Between free Google WiFi, a dramatic increase in tablet usage and being able to go weeks without needing an outlet to charge mobile is clearly quickly becoming the future for wholesaling marketing.   In fact, mobile marketing is already quickly becoming a major differentiating factor in who gets the business when it comes to wholesaling and selling real estate.   Those still sitting on the mobile sidelines, afraid of the technology or who undervalue it or haven’t found the right angle yet will find the data from the recent…

Hot and Cold Advertising in a Commercial Real Estate Agency Today

Marketing commercial real estate today has to be carefully considered and structured. Every quality property that is listed for sale or for lease by an agent should be comprehensively promoted to capture the right buyers and tenants. Here are some reasons to do this.

Learning About the Visitors to Your Real Estate Web Site Using Google Analytics

Do you want to know: how many visitors am I getting? Which of my properties is getting the most attention? What sites are people coming from? What search terms are people using to find me? Then read on to learn more about how to use Google Analytics on your Real Estate Web Site.

Real Estate Blogs

Real estate blogging is an effective marketing campaign that can increase your visibility in your community, directly connecting you with your clients (and prospective clients), provide an excellent lead generation source, and allow you to be the authority on the subject you choose to blog about. The best thing is that it can be extremely inexpensive!

Mortgage Marketing With Direct Mail

Mortgage marketing with direct mail can be one of the most successful methods for mortgage brokers to find a consistent stream of new customers that meet their underwriting guidelines. Targeted mailing lists using data such as trigger leads is how direct mail is able to achieve such a high ROI. This article discusses mortgage marketing using direct mail and finding a targeted mailing list.

5 Tried and Tested Marketing Strategies in Getting a House Sold Quickly

Marketing strategies are very essential in real estate most especially if you want a house sold in the soonest possible time. People want it done for different reasons. Job relocation is one as well as divorce, an urgent need for cash and death in the family. As a real estate investor myself, I have encountered lots of deals from $5000 to $5,000,000 homes. I have therefore learned truly effective sales strategies in getting houses sold fast and earning a steady stream of profits.

Real Estate Marketing

A social network relates to social sciences that study social relationships within a given group of people or organizations.  The goal is to understand the social interaction between the members of the groups.  Each social network has its own characteristics and can be defined in different ways and should clear in your real estate marketing plan.

A Good Marketing Strategy Lets Your Business Soar to Greater Heights

Nothing beats a good marketing strategy in propelling one’s business to the top. It is the driving force that makes mountains out of mole hills and offers streams of income to companies and businesses. In real estate investing, sales and marketing are very important in selling a property and liquidating assets for fast cash. A property doesn’t sit too long in the market when a good sales strategy is employed and the homeowner gets what he needs in the soonest possible time.

Real Estate Advertising

Online real estate advertising is a form of promotion that uses the Internet to deliver marketing messages to attract real estate leads. Examples of online advertising include…

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