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Real Estate Video Tours

Real Estate video tours are growing to be the number one choice when it comes to marketing the house you have to sell. Read this article to see what it can do for you and some great examples of video tours.

How Much Marketing Money Needed To Start Wholesaling Houses?

How much money do aspiring real estate investors really need to have to kick start their wholesaling marketing and start doing deals? There is really no question that no money down real estate deals are still doable in this market, especially when it comes to wholesaling houses. But what about wholesaling marketing for finding deals to begin with?

Wholesaling Marketing: Tips For Effective Lead Handling

How can real estate investors get better at handling inbound leads from their wholesaling marketing and close more deals? Surprisingly it isn’t getting up the guts to get started or the energy or smarts to do some guerilla style wholesaling marketing to kick things off that is the main hurdle for many real estate investors, it is the paralysis that comes when the phone actually starts ringing and leads starting piling up in the inbox. For some reason this is where many new investors panic the most.

Want to Sell a House Quickly? Dos and Don’ts to Keep in Mind

The issues related with selling a house quickly will never leave haunting the owner until and unless it is planned well. Selling of the house is not a cake-walk for everyone considering the ups and downs the real estate market is facing in the present scenario. There are more than few things that have to be kept in mind for cracking a favourable deal.

Wholesaling Marketing: 5 Tips for Better Photography

Images add a great dynamic to wholesaling marketing materials. Unfortunately many real estate wholesalers really let themselves down when it comes to the pictures they use to bring in leads or promote their properties. So how can you get better at it?

Anatomy of a Real Estate E-Newsletter

One of the most powerful tools that a real estate professional can use to communicate with existing clients and prospects is an e-newsletter. In addition to being a great communication tool, e-newsletters are inexpensive to produce and have built-in tracking features to learn more about your prospects and clients. Whether you are getting ready to launch a new e-newsletter or simply want to evaluate your existing one, use these design and information tips as your guide.

5 Tips for Driving More Traffic to Wholesaling Websites

How can real estate investors drive more prospects to their wholesaling websites? No real estate investor ought to be trying to do business without a website today. It may be possible, but certainly isn’t the most efficient and profitable way to do business today.

Exclusivity in Real Estate Marketing

People love to think that they are getting something that nobody else has. You can even refer it to as the exclusivity factor. An unexplainable emotion conjures up in the heads of people when they think they are one of the only ones to own a product, buy a particular home or use a particular service. In short, exclusivity makes the product, home or service more valuable. Exclusivity in real estate marketing can transform the way you do business.

3 Items Every Real Estate Blog Post Should Have

Blogs play an integral role in promoting your real estate business online. While it’s fast and easy to get a blog up and running on your website, the key to building credibility and trust with potential clients is writing blog posts that keep visitors to your site coming back for more. When each of your real estate blog posts contains the essentials, you find the right balance in sharing information that is relevant and interesting to your visitors and encourages them to buy or sell their home (or other property) with you.

Wholesaling Marketing: Can You Survive Without a Blog?

Can real estate wholesalers survive without blogging today? Blogging is more than just another channel for wholesaling marketing, even though it remains one of the most effective. Can your real estate wholesaling business live without it, what are the alternatives and if you are going to start a blog how can you maximize the results?

Mortgage Marketing: Creating Powerful Agent Partnerships

Realtor relationships may not be your highest priority in a refi market. But in a purchase market, these connections can mean the difference between success or failure.

Social Media Marketing for Successful Realtors

The world of marketing for real estate is ever growing and changing. Think of your marketing landscape as one big pie. Twenty years ago your marketing pie was cut into maybe four big pieces. Yellow Pages, door hangers, referrals and maybe a website? Today the marketing pie is cut into innumerable pieces and if you don’t have a website yet, then you are behind the game. But a website today could prove to be less important than having a social media presence. With all great change comes great opportunity. The opportunity for you as a successful real estate agent is to take advantage of what social media marketing can offer you to stay ahead of the competition!

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