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Marketing Yourself And Your Real Estate Business With Social Media And Blogging

Marketing yourself and your real estate business needs to become a daily activity. Read on to find out how to use blogging and social media to attract new clients and prospects and make your business explode.

The Secret to Finding Keywords That Pull in Real Estate Agent Leads to Your Blog

One of the biggest factors that determine the volume of traffic your blog receives through search engines is keyword optimization. In this article, you will learn how to find the keywords that will bring the greatest number of real estate agent leads to your blog.

Newbie Real Estate Investor Strategy – Marketing to Find Motivated Sellers

As previously discussed, the best way to find leads and motivated sellers is to market. This as a real estate investment strategy, this method by far outperforms searching the Sunday paper, calling FSBO’s, Driving and looking for houses.

The Perils of “Me Too” Marketing in Your Real Estate Career

Virtually every new real estate agent makes the same mistake as they begin their new careers. In an effort to be successful, the mimic what other agents around them are doing. Unfortunately, there is no quicker way to guarantee that you won’t be noticed with this “Me Too” marketing approach.

5 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid To Get Real Estate Listing Leads

The goal of this article, as with all my articles, is to provide you with concise, concrete, step-by-step information you can use to drive potential clients to your blog. You won’t have to wade through theory or technical jargon. At a glance, you’ll be able to put into action what you learn here. With that being said, read on to discover five blogging mistakes you can start eliminating today to start gaining real estate listing leads.

Content Marketing for Real Estate Professionals

Many Realtors depend on having some edge at “just the right moment;” wouldn’t it be better to be “just the right person?” Read content marketing for Realtors to learn why it is much better to be the right person than it is to spin your wheels trying to be in the right place all of the time. Content marketing is customer-centric and resonates with today’s buyers and sellers-helping you stand out in the competitive real estate profession.

What Is The Best Online Tool To Generate Real Estate Buyer Leads?

As a real estate agent in today’s market, generating real estate buyer leads is one of the most important things, if not THE most important thing, you can do to build your business. But as most agents know, it can also be an incredibly difficult, time consuming and expensive thing to do, especially without a face-to-face meeting or personal referral. Discover why a blog is one of the easiest, least expensive, fastest ways to generate leads today.

How to Get Real Estate Leads – Several Great Tips For Agents And Investors

When I first entered the real estate market, I didn’t have a clear understanding of how I could develop leads and more importantly, I never really understood its importance. Eleven years later, having lived through many downs, I have finally reached a place where I can say that I am successful.

30 Minute Mortgage Marketing

Here’s a solution that can help with your mortgage marketing program and your loan originations. Especially, if you can’t find enough time to really do your marketing…

Exclusive Leads – No Competition

Every month, millions of consumers browse the web looking to buy or sell a home. Every agent wants to drive more of these home buyers and sellers to their website. Out of all the many lead generation programs there are very few that offer exclusive leads that you and only you will receive.

The Most Lucrative Real Estate Success Action – Overcoming Call Reluctance

What we do in the next hour and for the rest of the day, will have a direct consequence on our success (and therefore our confidence and quality of life) in 30 days from now. It’s late and I’m weary but I want you to get this first tomorrow morning so you can get in and do what I’m suggesting and create some big possibilities.

Real Estate Blog for You

The hype right now on internet marketing for a real estate niche is whether one will secure a blog to incorporate an already established website to increase even more the popularity, clicks and leads a real estate agent can possibly get. Create an extension of leads for your real estate. But think convenience for your clients as well.

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