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Hot, Hot, Hot Marketing For Your Property

Marketing your property to sell in a changing market. Questions to ask for when interviewing a Real Estate Agent.

Prospecting for Gold in Pre-Foreclosures

Since the key to making money in real estate is finding motivated sellers, investors who are organized, informed and persistent are bound to make a bundle. You will find insightful information about positioning yourself to succeed this this lucrative market.

Realtor Marketing – Reap What You Sow

Reports abound about there being too many real estate agents for too few buyers and sellers, but I still believe that no matter how crowded the field is a focused agent can succeed, with the right combination of knowledge, tools and strategies

Explosive Real Estate Marketing Techniques

3 strategies and techniques to push you to a new level of success.

Three Best Real Estate Marketing Tools In The World

Wow! Some real estate agents pay $300.00-$400.00 per month for leads. Is there a cheaper, yet equally effective way to get leads to grow your business? Absolutely, but how do you find them?

Intelligent Home Marketing

Selling a home is a huge deal these days. It is a complicated process that hinges on many intangible things. As such it is really important to find an agent that knows how to market your home properly. There are several distinct aspects of selling a home that the average agent must have in hand to ensure that a home gets the market coverage that it needs in order to sell in a timely manner.

Using Individual Home Web Sites As A Sales Marketing Strategy

Want an Incredible advantage over the competition? Think about having an individual Web site for your Top Listings.

Effective Real Estate Online Marketing Strategies

Is print media and cold calling not working anymore? Generating real estate leads online is easy, just follow our online lead generation marketing strategy.

Selling Your Home in Southeastern MN – Marketing and Promotion

Effective Advertising and Internet Presence and Exposure are key elements in getting your home from listed to SOLD!

Do Property Listing Websites Make It Faster Or Slower To Find Property?

There are many property portals but do they really help? Do they help in the process of finding homes for sale? Do they speed up this process or slow it down?

Realtors- Your “About me” page is a Marketing Tool

Real estate buyers and sellers want to know they’re dealing with a real person. Use your “About Me” page on your web site to let them know who you are and give them a way to connect with you.

Real Estate Agent Marketing: Useless Without Service

Marketing your services as a Realtor is useless, unless you follow up with service. Read how three Realtors destroyed their reputations in one small community.

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