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Text Message Marketing – The Next Wave of ‘Green’ Real Estate Marketing Tools

SMS (text message) marketing is poised to see ten-fold growth during 2010, and triple digit increases through 2012 (according to data from the Yankee Group). Through the use of mobile short codes and keywords, real estate agents can use this technology to deliver comprehensive data about their listings directly to prospective clients.

Bulletin Board Marketing For Realtors – How to Generate Leads From Your Local Grocery Store

So you know when you go to a “mom & pop” store or restaurant or even some big name grocery stores and you see those bulletin boards on the wall as you walk in, covered with business cards and random pieces of paper? Ever stopped and looked at them? Well, even if you haven’t, plenty of people do and you need to get your info in front of them! Plus, if you’re looking for a low budget marketing method, bulletin board marketing is for you!

Realtor Banner Advertising – How to Generate Leads From Renting Internet Real Estate

First, if you don’t know what “Realtor Banner Advertising” is, it’s simply a small or large rectangular or square shaped advertisement that you’ll see on many websites. They’re similar to pay-per-click ads in that they can be an automated marketing idea for Realtors; you pay for the ad placement and let the traffic flood in to your website. Realtor Banner Advertising is much like a billboard for the internet and you need to be on it.

An Estate Agent’s Website

We go back in the days when only a few Estate Agents had one, now all estate agents must have website because these websites are what drives the marketing of property. At one time we would scour the local paper before even popping down to the high street where we could make a selection from any of a number of estate agents.

The Big Marketing Idea For Realtors – The Marketing Myth That’ll Shock Every Realtor

The big marketing idea for Realtors is not the myth that most believe; that marketing is simply placing an ad in the newspaper or online and waiting for business. That’s lead generation and only a part of what your marketing is as a whole. But the truth, the big marketing idea for Realtors, might shock you and cause your real estate business to shoot through the roof.

Real Estate Photography Tips For Realtors – Don’t Do it Yourself, You’ll Lose Your Commission Check

As a real estate agent, how often do you take your own listing photos when selling a home? 70% of the time? All the time?

Free Screen Capturing Video Software For Realtors – Generate Leads Who Are Already Sold on You

Right off the bat, you need to know that your prospects flock to video on the web like moths to a flame. As a Realtor, if you’re not using video on your website, blog, YouTube or anywhere else, you’re missing out on a ton of prospects and clients. Let me tell you how to capture some killer video that educates your prospects about real estate issues and turns them into closed deals; simply by using free screen capturing video software.

Real Estate Call Capture For Reaching Multiple Demographic Markets

Many real estate agents cater to different demographic groups. Providing services to different groups of people, that may speak different languages and have different needs, can be difficult. However, now agents are finding that by using call capture they are able to provide excellent service to the different groups that they service as well as generate leads in multiple demographic markets at the same time.

New Realtor Marketing Ideas – Don’t Nag Your Friends and Family For Business Unless You Do It Right

“Talk to your friends, family and co-workers and tell them you can help them buy or sell their home” is the very first new Realtor marketing idea your broker told you to do when you got your license, right? Your “Sphere of Influence” can be powerful but don’t lose relationships because you’re trying to sell your uncle on listing with you. I’m hesitant about going into detail on this marketing weapon that’s so commonly…

When It’s All About a Realtor Business Plan

In any type of business, it is imperative that you have a plan. Without a plan, you will not be able to handle risks and unexpected events and this can put everything in disarray, if not in bankruptcy. Even in real estate, you need to have a plan so you can properly manage your dealings and everything that is vital to the success of the little steps you make.

Real Estate in Modern Times

Real estate is a term that covers land along with enhancements to the land, such as fences, buildings, wells and other site improvements that are fixed in location. On the other hand, in some conditions, the term “real estate” refers to the land and equipment together, as differentiated from “real property,” referring to possession of land.

Targeted Marketing Basics

Any person with dreams of becoming successful in real estate sales wants to answer the question – how do I find masses of buyers? The first thing you need to do is understand the foundation behind finding masses of buyers. Many real estate dealers make a common mistake when they begin to approach marketing.

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