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Real Estate Leads For Realtors

Everyone knows that the latest economic bubble to burst had a lot to do with the real estate industry. And as a result, the entire real estate industry has taken a huge hit in terms of value, investor confidence, as well as in many other ways. This is bad news for those who are now underwater on their mortgages (they owe more on their mortgage than their home is actually worth), and it may seem like bad news for real estate professionals as well. But this is not necessarily the case for those that are able to generate enough real estate leads.

Don’t Throw Away Your Short Sale Postcards! 3 Quick Changes to Improve Response Rate

Discover 3 quick tips that will have you generating calls, conversions, and listings from your short sale postcards. From headline changes to tracking you can get quick results today.

$50 Million Worth Of Real Estate Sold In Hours

Selling $50 million worth of real estate — before it’s actually been built — in one day isn’t unusual for some developers. In fact, one Winter Park property recently sold $26 million worth of townhouses in just a few hours.

Manage Your Leads and Convert More to Sales

We are all working smarter these days and with all the techie tools out there, we should be accomplishing a lot in terms of generating leads. But with all these leads flying around from everywhere we might be struggling a bit to convert them into sales, whatever you deem a sale in your business.

How to Become a LISTing Success

In world of real estate marketing you are searching for the most effective and efficient way to market to your prospective clients. There are some many was market yourself and find the most effective ways are not used due the belief that there new social media will provide the leads and referrals to build a successful business.

What Is Kerb Appeal and How Can I Achieve It?

Kerb appeal is quite simply a measure of how appealing your property is from the outside. People say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s exactly what potential home buyers do each time they look into an estate agent’s window, pick up a property sales brochure or go to view a house for sale. Kerb appeal can be crucial when trying to sell your home; get it right and you will probably attract more viewings, but if you get it wrong then many potential buyers will simply drive by and decide not to view inside. This article looks at some of the ‘tricks of the trade’ that vendors can use to improve the kerb appeal of their property for sale.

Social Media and New Technology for Real Estate Marketing

Without even realizing it, technological advances have unleashed massive changes in the way realtors are both showing and promoting homes. This has lead to almost instant listing postings online and instant views by potential buyers.

Generating Real Estate Leads Through the Power of Social Networking

A recent blog post shared Bob Parks’ testimonial of his personal marketing success story from simply “hanging around” his local coffee shop and building a social network, almost by accident. Here is a more involved feature story about his ongoing and “brewing” success story.

Why Your Online Marketing Isn’t Effective!

  If you aren’t realizing the great results for your real estate investing business that you had anticipated from your online marketing, don’t panic yet! With a few alterations and a little creativity you can! Start by taking another look at your keywords you are using for promoting your real estate investing services online.

3 Small Changes to Make to Your Short Sale Marketing to Improve Conversion

Don’t throw away your short sale marketing! You can make small changes to letters, websites, and more that will improve your leads and get you more listings.

The Power Behind Having Your Own Website

When advertising your properties online, one of the greatest and most powerful tools you can have is your own website. Having your own website has a great number of advantages, and is something to consider if you are very serious about selling real estate.

Where Can You Do Property Marketing?

Just like any other products or services, marketing is also important when you sell property. In fact, this is the field where it is really required that you make use of the best property marketing strategies since you can have hundreds and thousands of competitors also doing the same. Now, the question is- where can you do property marketing? How effective are the media in helping you achieve your goal?

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