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What Will Stop You from Being a Real Estate Multi-Millionaire?

Right now there is a window of opportunity in real estate that can make you more money than you”d make in 20 years slaving away the traditional way. The recent turmoil in the real estate market caused by all the foreclosure activity has created that opportunity.

Find Buyers on the Internet for Your Real Estate Properties in MD, DC, VA

When you start investing in real estate in Maryland, DC and Virginia, the first problem that you will have is acquiring properties. Once you have mastered this challenged, your second challenge is going to be finding exit strategies for your properties. Today, I just want to give you a quick tip on finding buyers on the Internet.

The 7 Secrets Of Real Estate Marketing Success

Every day, the real estate industry wastes hundreds of millions of dollars trying to find more business. Real Estate Marketing expert and Bestselling Author, Ray Wood believes this is easily avoidable and shares his 7 Secrets of Real Estate Marketing Success.

7 Deadly Property Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Marketing, it’s something that everyone is doing and is expected by all property owners. No one has the magic formula for marketing properties but you can learn what not to do.

MLS Listing – How to Write Copy That Gets Attention

As a real estate agent, trying to describe the home you are listing can be daunting. What can you say about this particular home that you haven’t said before in your other listings? How can you make it enticing and exciting without using too many exclamation points or words like massive and stunning? Exclamation points are great but can be tedious and annoying if too many of them show up in your MLS copy. And words like massive and stunning have been done to death.

Marketing Your Real Estate Investing Business – How To Become An Overnight Success Story

Real estate investing is not just about making real estate deals. Like any business, it is also about marketing yourself and your services. Marketing lets you find the people you can help and lets you uncover new opportunities as well.

Pump Up Your Real Estate Career

The real estate market is much like the stock market, cyclical. And no one can accurately predict its ups and downs. A home based business can be the perfect leveling mechanism to help maintain a constant stream of income, even when the real estate market is on the down side.

Real Estate Virtual Tour

There is no doubt that real estate marketing has been affected by the Web, and that an effective marketing tool is the virtual tour. No longer are real estate agents and home buyers dependent solely on newspaper ads and the physical open house. And just as the real estate market has evolved, so has the virtual tour.

How Free Real Estate Articles And Information Could Pave the Road to Your Investment Success

There is a little-known marketing secret that is used by PR professionals in order to explode their on-line and offline businesses. If you are a real estate investor entrepreneur, you could, of course, hire a marketing firm in order to exploit this type of marketing. However, there is a way to make use of this secret without spending thousands up front.

Budgeting to Market Your Real Estate Career

Too often, people begin a real estate career without realizing that they are no longer employees. Along with the freedom to set their own hours and be their own boss comes the responsibility to pay their own expenses. After taxes, one of the largest expenses is marketing.

Creative Real Estate Selling Tips For Maximizing Returns When Investing

When you’re getting ready to sell, there are a lot of things you can do so everything works in your favor. Not only so you can get more for your property, but also sell it faster than you might otherwise.

Why You Need to get Out from Under Your Franchise

Real Estate Marketing for Realtors Series. Why You Need to get Out from Under your Franchise.

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