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Discover How to Use Free Reports and How They Can Help You Close Deals With Sellers

What should a free report go? It should answer this question – “How can we help you?” Obviously we talk about things like we’re very experienced with buying houses.

How to Market Your Home By Owner – For $9.36

Follow these 9 tips to successfully market your home by owner. A sign, staging tips, photos, free web advertising and market knowledge is all you’ll need.

Real Estate Buyer Leads – Conventional Vs Out-of-the-Box

To make the grade in the real estate business, it is important to realize that getting more leads is all-important for making a sale. Leads are the first step in the ladder of success. Leads could become prospects, and prospects could become buyers. Buyers of properties and residential houses are the lifeblood of the real estate industry.

Things to Consider in Taking an Online Real Estate Course

You are not the only one thinking about pushing through an online real estate course. The wonders and benefits of using an online school today are really incomparable. Those who aspire to be a real estate agent can now take a real estate course online even if they are studying or working at the same time.

A Thanksgiving Retro-Spective

We really can’t imagine what it was like for those first incredibly hearty souls on that first Thanksgiving day. They had cross the ocean on a rickety sailing ship that would strike fear into our hearts, back in a time when disease was more common and harder to treat. They boarded with vermin and rodents; sharing their wretched meals with them too. Through storm tossed waters, with the boat creaking and groaning all around them. Even good days…

Display Real Estate Listings on Your Website With IDX Search

IDX search is the only way your real estate website can have any success on the internet. If you are a real estate agent or broker you should know that there are a lot of real estate properties that are available out there. Now the fact is that, it is not humanly possible for you to find out which of these properties are available and which ones have been taken. In other words, any property listing that you may have must be extensive because different people have different needs.

The Internet – A Seller’s Secret Marketing Weapon

Most newspapers are struggling as real estate offices and car dealerships advertise less and less in the local newspapers. Why would a buyer turn to the newspaper, to find a home when they can access a state’s entire Multiple listing service on the computer?

IDX Listings – Enabling Visitors to Search For Properties in Your Website

Internet Data Exchange, or IDX listing, is the most effective way to reach out to all those people who are interested in real estate properties and are searching the Internet for them. There was a time when real estate advertisements were published in the newspapers and magazines so those who were interested in buying property could browse through them.

Signage is Under Used and Potentially an Apartment Communities Best Source of Resident Prospects

SBA recognizes signs as the best first source of business and yet apartment communities rarely have more than the sign on the front of their community. How should we be addressing signs for our communities? What are considerations when preparing the sign? What about billboards? What about maintenance?

4 Things Every Real Estate Marketing Website Should Have

Creating an online presence for your properties is a core piece of any well thought out real estate system. Since most prospects are online at some point in their search, you need to present your properties where people expect to find them. The best online websites are those that are separate and away from the noise of your competition. In other words, don’t rely on aggregators to present your property. Having said that, not all websites are created equal. Some are more persuasive than others. Below are four critical elements we believe must be present in order to properly present your property’s story.

Home Builders Beat High Advertising Costs With Directional Bandit Signs

Simply put. Directional bandit signs work great! With today’s increasingly high costs to advertise in local newspapers many real estate builders sellers have no choice but to use alternative methods to print advertising.

Should Agents Use Pre-Written Real Estate Letters?

Pre-written real estate letters can help build a real estate career in two important ways. First, they’ll help assure that the agent does stay in touch with prospects. Second, because they’re written with adequate time and care, they’re better letters.

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