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How to Raffle Your House

Homeowners these days may be tempted to do just about anything to sell their home. One concept that some are turning to, is an idea to raffle their home.

Essential Qualities of a Real Estate Agent

We have all dealt with real estate agents at one time or the other and most of us are sometimes jealous of them as we feel that merely for introducing a property to us they are earning such a high commission. It is our misconception that all the person does is talk and helps one find the right property for oneself if you are buying and find a buyer if you are selling.

Get More Clicks on Your Online Real Estate Ads

An extremely thing to keep in mind when you’re putting together the ads for your online campaign is that, first and foremost, you want visitors to the site to click on your ad. It doesn’t matter how effective the body is if everybody just skips clicking on the ad.

How Call Capture is Generating High Quality Real Estate Leads

It’s no surprise in this market that the real estate industry is relatively concerned with gathering high quality leads. If an agent doesn’t have good leads, after all, he or she can’t make sales. That is why it is essential for real estate agents to explore different lead generation tools. One such tool that is generating high quality leads for agents is call capture. Here’s how.

How to Get Real Estate Referrals

Get more real estate referrals using this easy to follow indirect referral system. Turn your current client relationships into more real estate leads for your business.

How to Choose the Bet Pre-NOD List For Your Real Estate Marketing Campaign

If you’re a real estate investor, you’re probably wondering which is the best list to market to. What kind of direct mail should you use? Read this article to find out a good place to start, and how to target your market down to some very specific criteria.

Tips For Buying Mortgage Leads

No matter if you are a national direct lenders or an individual broker, having a full pipeline is very important especially in today’s marketplace. When looking for a quality lead source it is important for you to do your home work. Not all mortgage lead companies are the same but picking a good lead company doesn’t have to be impossible.

Tips to Boost Your Real Estate Marketing Campaign

With today’s economy and slow housing market it is not easy to sell your properties, this is especially true due to all the other competition that exists in this tough competitive market. In order to make a decent income on your real estate you need to learn how to outwit and outshine those competitors.

Utah Real Estate Market Update

The real estate markets across the country have changed in the last couple years. Here is a quick market update on the Utah area.

Marketing With Your Real Estate Blog

A real estate blog is one of the best marketing tools for agents. Real estate blogs are also good for trading or sharing information and tips with other agents. You can also use the blogs to give home sellers and buyer’s tips for hiring real estate companies and agents.

Be Cautious in Doing Your Marketing

Yes, one of the strategy in a successful business like the Real Estate is through massive marketing. There are so many different ways on how to do marketing so effective, and one of that strategy is through advertising. Advertising comes into many forms like web advertising, using the web to promote your product and services and proven to be effective this past years, media advertising, print advertising and so on.

Tech-Savvy Real Estate Marketing Strategies

These days, it is foolish to dismiss the power and the opportunities provided to all by the World Wide Web. All sorts of entrepreneurs, companies, businesses and corporations – big and small – have seen the need for them to have an online presence and make themselves much more visible on the internet. Real estate is not exempt from this.

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