Red Stock Winter

Real Estate Knowledge

Referrals are important and they are many times better than any flyers and advertisement you placed on the media. Establish your referrals via your professional conduct, superior knowledge and super service.

The Widening Gap of Miami Realtors

During the last few months I have seen a dramatic change in the industry. Most real estate agents seem to be more stressed than usual and unsure what the future might bring. The reality is that the days of putting a listing up on the MLS and getting multiple offers has become a thing of the past.

The Moneymaking Power Of “Leads” For Real Estate Agents

Lead generation for real estate agents is vital; in order to be successful one must have a way to generate leads. How to get them is key, look at a few ways that you can genera rate leads for real estate.

Real Estate Internet Lead – Generating Leads Via Online Marketing

Successful real estate internet lead generation doesn’t have to be expensive. It can cost little to nothing to get started – and little more than that to maintain.

5 Steps to an Extremely Profitable Real Estate Website

Real estate websites are popping up all over the internet so when will you get on the boat? I hope before it’s too late. CNN and CNBC talk about the Real Estate market in a recession every day and how it probably won’t come out for another year or so.

Getting More From Your Real Estate Blog

Blogging may not ever go mainstream in real estate, and that’s a good thing for those who practice the art. In an industry where fast results are preferred and successful people usually have more client turnover, those who take time to document the market and offer their thoughts will likely always be in the minority, and stand out as a result.

Five Changes The Real Estate Industry Needs To Make Immediately

In 8 short years, the recording industry was turned upside down. They were ignorant to the value of technology, their governing body did nothing to react to the technology and now sales have been in a free fall decline ever since. Sort of like the housing industry. So what can be learned from history so as it does not repeat itself? I believe it is too late for many agents, as in my opinion the real estate agent business model is obsolete and has even worse leadership. But that’s an article and opinion that has already been voiced.

Marketing Your Home

Selling your home is wearisome task. But if you look at it like a business venture, then you might even find the knack for it coupled with smart moves on how to market your own home.

Internet House Marketing

There are very few people who do not use the Internet these days. House hunting on the Internet is much more fun than the time-consuming chore of dragging around to each property with the real estate agent.

Marketing For A Real Estate Entrepreneur

If you are a budding real estate investor, then you need to learn about today’s world of marketing which is very much necessary to get the right deals. Most real estate investors haven’t understood the importance of having a market plan.

The New Facebook of Real Estate

OK, so your daughter came back from her first semester at university and set up a Facebook account for you. But now that you have it what are you going to do with it? Well, if you’re a REALTOR, you could start by connecting with your family, friends and colleagues that also have profiles. And then you might want to try to use it to sell some real estate.

Photographing Bathrooms for Real Estate Marketing

A leading real estate agent and photographer shows how to improve your home photography with this tutorial on photographing bathrooms. It provides tips and tricks to take your bath photography to the next level.

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