Restorative Yoga – Rejuvenating Stretch For Calm And Clarity

Discover More About Real Estate SEO

Achieving success with your real estate SEO efforts means having a good plan of action. Discover simple methods that can help you achieve top rankings with your SEO efforts as part of a balanced online real estate marketing strategy.

Loan Officers – How to Make Effective House For Sale Flyers That Result in Bigger Commission Checks

In an attempt to secure ongoing working relationships with real estate agents and For Sale By Owners, many loan officers have promised to produce for them “house for sale” flyers. This has become quite a common practice. And for good reason: agents and homeowners love the time you saved them.

Techniques to Market Your Real Estate Listings

If you’re having trouble attracting buyers to your listings, you’re not alone. Many agents have trouble catching the interest of buyers, especially on the internet. We’ll be discussing 3 tools that can be used to market your listings like never before.

Why Survey Your Borrowers After a Mortgage Closing?

This article covers just how important it is to illicit feedback from your clients after a big transaction. This particular article is specific to the real estate and mortgage industries but the concept can be applied to many different industries.

The Secret to Attracting Clients Like Magic

No doubt you’ve heard the buzz around Social Media – and perhaps you are even using it in your marketing campaign. And yet, there is a little known secret that you MUST know if you want to use technology most effectively – AND IT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH TECHNOLOGY!

3 Juicy Tips on Real Estate Agent Branding That You Should Know

Why real estate agents attempt to create a brand for themselves is unquestionable: successful real estate agent branding makes it much easier to generate new business, as well as keep the customers you already have. Most people I meet can’t remember the name of their real estate agent a year later, let alone a few years later when they need to sell their homes. Branding forces your customers to never forget who you are, and helps prospective clients trust you more initially.

Where to Spend Money in Your New Real Estate Career

You’ve made the decision to switch to real estate. You’ve had the training, you’re sure that representing home buyers/sellers is right for you and you’re determined to stick out the leaner early years. Despite the lean times you may be seeing, be willing to spend money where it will help you most: on the tools that an agent needs. 

How a Secondary Website Can Help Your Real Estate Business

Another time-saver is Google alerts. Google bots trawl all manner of pages to provide Google users with the most up-to-date search results. They can be used to send Google Alerts on a specific subject or phrase to your In-box, which saves you time searching for news about your locale or subject.

4 Reasons Why Realtors Prefer Professional Business Card Designs

If an image is going to exist, wouldn’t you want to create it yourself? Allowing your clients to create an image for you is risky business and not very good business.

Loan Officers – Use Mortgage Postcard Marketing to Affordably Generate New Mortgage Leads

One odd side effect of so many mortgage professionals using online marketing strategies is that it has increased the effectiveness of direct mail marketing. With fewer salespeople sending on promotions via snail mail, creating a successful mail campaign is much easier. And right now there are incredibly savvy loan officers using mortgage postcard marketing strategies to generate an economical source of new mortgage leads.

Real Estate Website Marketing – How to Get Noticed and Get Leads

The fanciest real estate website won’t generate a single lead for you when you don’t market it. Your website can be one of the MOST amazingly affordable lead generation machines to have in your real estate business when you use the right methods. For most real estate agents a website is no more than a fancy business, card, and that is where the first change has to happen. Understanding the proper methods to market your real estate website will have you generating more leads and…

Generate Real Estate Leads Offline

Generating real estate leads offline is still a vital tactic for real estate agents and companies. While online lead generation has truly taken off, real estate is one industry that still heavily relies on offline lead generation, and with good reason. Real estate, more so than perhaps any other industry, will never become a truly online venture simply for the fact that it deals with bricks and mortar; real products that people must see, feel, and touch in order to become connected to make a purchase. While online real estate sites and services serve their purpose, at some point it must always translate into the offline world.

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