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I Don’t Have a Real Estate Specialist! What Are People in Your Farm Area Saying?

Becoming the neighborhood specialist for your farm area takes time, patience, persistence and of course, the right insight and helpful hints from people who have “been there!” Explore what three top experts have to say about ensuring that your name is top of mind for the customers in your market!

New Marketing Dawns For Real Estate

New technologies have changed the entire landscape of Real Estate marketing, creating ways to interact with prospects that were never possible before. Savvy Realtors who scale these small learning curves stand to reap a huge harvest of increased business.

What Constitutes Good Design?

In my last segment I overviewed various marketing tools that can benefit any commercial real estate office, but this time around I became a little side tracked. Instead of continuing on the marketing subjects I outlined, I’m going to start with design, as that is what everything else I’ll have to talk about stems from. I’ve broken this down into what I see are the three aspects of design, visual, functional and structural.

Marketing Perspective

Real estate has, and more than likely will, continue to be a relationship-orientated business, which leads many commercial real estate professionals debating whether if investing time and money into building their online presence is actually worth the effort. My opinion is one that more than likely any transaction completed will be the direct result of the brokers interaction with the client, but providing value-added services for your clients, may help to not only strengthen an existing relationship, will also provide a resource for potential clients to want to use you to market their listings, as well as bring in new contacts.

Can Real Estate Be Sold on Twitter?

Can real estate be sold on Twitter? Whether you’ve been a fan of Twitter for some time now or if you just happened to start using it recently because you read it’s a great social media tool that is becoming popular, you probably have asked yourself at some point – is it possible to make money with Twitter?

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – How to Attract More High Net Worth Clients

As a luxury real estate marketing professional, it is essential to study what high net worth individuals look for from luxury goods and service providers. You can gain keen insights into providing superlative service and demonstrating superior marketing savvy by studying the top ranked jewelry brands in the world that specialize in exquisite gemstones.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Study Luxury Style

Luxury real estate marketing professionals should be students of style. Style embodies luxury and is inextricable from it. Style is born from the need to create something new and unique based on aesthetic values.

Key Market Statistics That Link With Credibility

By utilizing the resources that are already available, we can set ourselves apart from other Agents. We have a large pool of resources that we can easily access, but few Agents do.

Real Estate Agents Can Benefit From Facebook

In a volatile home buying market, real estate agents must work extra hard to sell homes and assist buyers in finding the perfect property at the right price. With the various methods of promotion available – yard signs, newspaper ads, and the Internet – one shouldn’t ignore the fast growing, and free, avenue into social media. Facebook in particular is an excellent that, if utilized properly, can help you attract potential homebuyers and sales.

Marketing For Realtors

When you have a real estate company, you will want to promote it as much as to get new clients. These should be clients that have houses and apartments to sell, as well as clients that want to purchase property. Here are some different kinds of marketing for realtors that you can use to get more buyers and sellers.

Easy Marketing For Realtors That Works

Billboards, news print advertisements, billboards, and television and radio commercials are the most common forms of marketing that realtors turn to when it comes to their overall branding strategy. However, in this day and age it is dire that creative marketing for realtors is turned to in order to produce the results that a real estate agent or company desires to have.

Facebook Applications For Your Real Estate Business

Any real estate agent serious about his work should utilize social media to its maximum potential. If you don’t at least have a Facebook profile linked to a page for your agency, you should register as soon as possible to take advantage of the growing popularity of this site. That you can customize your profile to showcase your listings and services is especially helpful as friends and colleagues connected to you can be updated regularly.

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