Ross Gerber on Investing Today and California’s Exodus

Outdoor Billboards – How Anticipating and Spotting Trends Can Make You Money

One of the secrets to making money with outdoor billboards is the ability to anticipate trends. When I refer to trend spotting, I’m not talking about predicting the future of the economy or the next big thing for consumers. I’m actually referring to the ability to identify future development in your area and its potential impact on the placement of an existing or future outdoor billboard.

Outdoor Billboards – Can I Really Make Money With Just One Sign?

If anyone can make money with outdoor billboards, why isn’t everyone doing it? This is one of the most common questions people ask me. The answer is really simple. Investing outdoor billboards requires education. Most entrepreneurs who are successful in this niche market have been reluctant to share their knowledge and prefer to keep their experience to themselves.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Maintain Your Visibility – Part 1

It has only been a few months since the 2010 Winter Olympics. An American won the gold medal for figure skating. Can you remember his name? Can you picture his face? Achieving top of mind status is quite an accomplishment. Staying top of mind is a whole other matter in our attention-deficient world. Studying how celebrities maintain visibility can reveal personal branding secrets that can give you a competitive edge as a luxury real estate marketing professional.

Real Estate Newsletters – A Soft Sell That Works

Real estate agents who send newsletters are using a beautiful soft sell technique. Your friendly news keeps you fresh in people’s minds without being pushy.

Realtors – Do You Know Why Clients Should Choose You?

Until you know why your service is special, you can’t tell your prospects why they should choose you over the competition. So take the time to think about what you do for your real estate clients, then use it in your real estate self-promotion.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – The Power and Luxury of Laughter

Having a sense of humor and being able to laugh easily is a must for a luxury real estate marketing professional. Given the nature of the business which often involves a life changing decision and the myriad of emotions that accompany this decision it is important to sometimes bring relief to a tense situation by introducing a lighter side. The importance of laughter cannot be underestimated.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Begin the Cycle of Networking by Giving

If you are like most luxury real estate marketing professionals you are probably tired of hearing the hype about online social and professional networking and are looking for the ROI, already. However, if you are not adept at the fundamentals of networking in the first place, all of the new tools will not help your cause. You most likely will get frustrated and miss the true value of the tools.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – It Takes Passion to Blog Consistently

As luxury real estate marketing professional who blogs, it is your passion about your subject that engages and uplifts your audience. When you are truly passionate about your subject YOU are an original because no one else possesses your particular viewpoint on your subject. That is why finding your own “voice” is the first step in becoming a blogger. You must first identify what you are most passionate about and eager to write about.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – What is Your Slant As a Blogger?

The primary purpose of blogging, as a luxury real estate marketing strategy, is to amass an audience of people with whom you can develop a relationship of trust and a reputation as an expert advisor in a particular niche. The ultimate goal as a blogger is to provide extraordinary value to a sizable base of raving fans. But, to accomplish this successfully you must have a distinct slant, an angle, a particular leaning.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Maintain Your Visibility – Part 2

If you are interested in achieving market leadership in your local marketplace think of yourself more like a celebrity and think of your luxury real estate marketing business more like a media. It may seem like a big stretch, but those who make this shift in thinking will be the big winners for years to come.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Become The Game Changer

Do people need an iPad? No. Is iPad a must have? Yes! Therefore, iPad is a luxury. What makes iPad a luxury is the user experience. It’s tactically interactive. It is eye candy. It is, above all, simple and fun, with endless possibilities of entertainment via the Apps Store. Apple has raised the bar of EXPECTATION in user experience and has thus changed the game.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Defining Your Personal Values

People like to do business with people like themselves. By making your values explicit graphically and in your messaging of your website and collateral material you will find that you can accelerate the speed of trust. Typically, people hang out with others who have the same basic values. Swiftly, expressing your values also speeds up the rate of referrals, because there is social currency in successfully introducing you to others who appreciate the same things. As a luxury real estate marketing professional, it helps you capitalize on the principle that birds of a feather flock together.

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