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Five Tips For Great Real Estate Letters

Real estate letters can work for you, or be a waste of your time and money. Ultimately, you can control the outcome by incorporating some simple, basic concepts. So how do you go about writing real estate letters that will yield the results you need? Well, it’s actually kind of easy once you know the formula for success.

Expired Real Estate Listings – Buyers and Investors Have Access to Them, Too

It use to be that expired real estate listings were the near exclusive domain of real estate agents, but now buyers and investors have access to them, too. Are you getting your fair share of them?

3 Easy Steps to More Real Estate Leads

Now you can Generate More Real Estate Leads and have fun giving back to your local community at the same time. Want to know how?

Prewritten Real Estate Letters – 5 Ways They Can Boost Your Business

Real estate letters are effective lead generators, whether you’re farming expired listings, fsbos, renters, step up home buyers, etc. Buy a pack of letters, spend a few minutes individualizing them and you’ll be able to use them over and over in rapid fire succession. You have a choice. You can spend a couple of hours writing one letter or several minutes printing out scores of them. My vote is for scores of them every time.

Real Estate – Are Branding and Marketing Really That Important?

We hear this question regularly. Along with the ever popular statement.

CD Business Cards For Real Estate Professionals Really Deliver More Business and Increased Sales?

InFront Tools has just launched its CD Business Cards for Real Estate Professionals with huge fanfare and promises users will increase sales, win more listings and gain more referrals from existing clients. Let’s cut through the usual internet launch hype and see if it really delivers on its promises.

Are You a Buyer’s Agent in the Realtors Market?

As a buyers agent in the local real-estate office you should be very well utilized. When you decided to become that agent did you decide to work with people or did you decide that you wanted to work for people?

Realtors Are Struggling and Buyers Are Benefiting

Realtors are not making what they did 3 years ago. Do you know why? Just a few years ago, conservationists couldn’t compete against speculators and flippers; it was very tough to buy anything.

Review of the Changing Technology Status of Real-Estate

Are you struggling with constant change? Do you feel like digging in your heels and saying, “Enough already?” Today’s rapidly changing environment can either support you to have a competitive edge or leave you struggling to stay in the business.

Realtors Working With the Marketing Techniques of Today

When you are working in the real-estate world you have to have people person traits. Are you changing your ways of service to stay up with the falling and dying real-estate market?

Realtors Are Not Selling, But Are Becoming Great Internet Marketers

When you go out and try to sell a house as a Realtor these days you will most likely talk to 4 people before you sell a house. Sales have dropped by more than 75 percent in the last 2 years.

Real Estate Shutterbugs – Tips For Listing Photographs

The majority of today’s home buyers are starting their search for real estate on the internet. They are able to look at the available inventory from the comfort of their home, 24 hours a day. And with so many properties on the market right now, buyers can be exceedingly selective with which properties they choose to view in person.

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