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Farming Expired Listings Using Real Estate Letters

As an agent, your revenues are generated through successful completion of real estate transactions. Occasionally, no matter how diligently you work to sell a property you have listed, the seller may either decide to take it off the market or to list with another professional. While you may consider this a lost opportunity, the most successful professionals within the industry work to market their expired listings as well as the expired listings of other agents using real estate letters.

Loan Modification Leads – Getting the Most Out of Your Loan Modification Lead Purchases

Buying leads and maneuvering the lead generation and sales industry is a tough task. This is because there are thousands of lead sales companies out there. From lead generators, to call centers, to lead brokers, to list compilers, to email marketers, finding a good lead generation company can be rough.

13 Easy Ways to Market Your Real Estate Website Offline

Marketing your website is as important as having one. That’s why many real estate agencies spend a large amount of time and money promoting their websites online through search engines optimisation, email marketing, and pay-per-click campaigns. These all-important strategies are great ways to direct traffic to your site but the marketing of your website will be incomplete without offline advertising.

Real Estate Social Networking – 3 Questions to Answer Before Joining

Each social network has a specific niche. Understanding what you can give and what you need from a network will help you to choose the right one for your real estate business. Get the tips and techniques you need to get the most from your real estate social networking.

Real Estate Marketing With Social Networking

Taking a marketing approach to your social networking efforts is one that takes balance of the needs of your network and your goals. A focus on adding value and becoming the source of information for your network will generate leads and business for you each and every month.

How to Choose a Real Estate Website Vendor

Take time to select a real estate website company that will be the best fit for you and help you generate the most business. A real estate website is an essential part of your online marketing and will be with you for years.

Mortgage Leads – Why They Should Be Cheap

If you are one of the loan officers that has weathered the mortgage crisis and are still actively buying mortgage leads, than there is something you should know about pricing and advertising. There is really no reason why you should be paying a lot of money for your mortgage leads in today’s market. At least not as much as you used to!

Using Real Estate Letters to Prospect During Slow Housing Markets

While some people view the current real estate market as slow, other real estate professionals are seeking ways to capitalize. The current real estate market presents a variety of ways in which to profit for professionals within the industry. One proven method of marketing during slow housing markets is to leverage real estate letters. Real estate investors, individuals and families looking to trade up and first time home buyers are just a few of the prime target markets during these economic times.

Real Estate Agent Personal Branding – Learning From American Idol – Part 5

Perhaps the biggest challenge for luxury real estate marketing professionals, when it comes to personal branding, is consistently maintaining your true brand signal and not just imitating others. Dialing-in to your own original signal and staying true to that signal without imitating others can be a daunting task. It requires factoring out what other people think about you while still matching the needs and expectations of your target market.

Real Estate Agent Personal Branding – Learning From American Idol – Part 4

In luxury real estate marketing the tried and true fundamentals still work. But, what is your personal interpretation of these fundamentals, your unique brand of executing these basics? Are you an imitator or do you offer your own artistic interpretation of the fundamentals?

Steps in Writing an Effective Real Estate Letter

As a real estate professional, communication with your prospects and current customer base is crucial for long term business success. But, how do you write an effective real estate letter? Follow the steps below to create an effective real estate letter for your business.

How to Create a Whopping Crowd For Your Real Estate Website With Search Engine Marketing Service

To take off your business to a wider global base and push it ahead of the competition in the niche of real estate – opting for search engine marketing service is imperative. Well, at least if you are vying for the torrential rain of traffic to your ‘brick and mortar’ business. So, what is actually search engine marketing process is and how it works in creating paves for traffic flow.

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