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5 Tips to Market Your Vacation Property

As the spring and summer vacation season begin, many vacation property owners are left with the question, “How do I keep my property booked?” When considering how your future guests search, and what resonates with them, keep these tips in mind.

Maintaining Contact – What Can You Say to Past Real Estate Clients?

Maintaining contact with past clients is a marketing tool that should be part of your overall plan. You never know when those clients will want to buy or sell again, or when they’ll have an opportunity to refer someone to you – if they remember your name and number. But what can you say that they’ll want to hear? Here are some ideas.

Build Your Business to Win Using REIM Mail Marketing Campaign

Do you want to know how to get the edge in real estate investing, consistently bring in the hot leads and truly motivated sellers? If you are ready to build your empire and rock your profits, check this out!

Searching For the Best Real Estate Agent – Getting Some Latest Tidbits of Information!

The article deals with how you can gain tips in terms of successful hiring the right real estate agent who can win you in home selling and buying process. Previewing the latest trend in real estate business are also present in the article.

Internet Buyers and Follow-Up – From Contact to Contract

Internet lead follow up is all about relationship building. When following up on internet leads, attempt to get to know the prospect not just sell them.

Short Sale Marketing Ideas to Get Sellers Chasing You

Discover key short sale marketing tactics that will get eager prospects chasing you. You can implement key free ideas to get troubled sellers reaching out to you for help. With just these 4 powerful methods in place you can give yourself the opportunity to take 10+ listings monthly just from short sales.

Rental Property Income – New Techniques For Marketing Your Rental Properties

Rental property profits are greatly increased by establishing a variety of referral sources. The referral sources I’m suggesting are not the usual suspects, e.g., newspaper ads, yard signs, or promoting your rental property through Craigslist.

Seven Rules For Lead Follow Up

My objective should be to disqualify people from doing business with me; to evaluate their probability of conversion against a pre-determined set of standards and criteria. I have to be willing to let go of poor leads to invest my time to create, secure, and convert good ones.

Cheap Mortgage Leads Generated Using Simple (But Powerful) Marketing Technique

Are you strapped for serious cash and want to learn how you too can generate cheap mortgage leads in a matter of minutes? With a little bit of creativity and this technique you can battle in the mortgage lending market in your area regardless of competition and the current economic real estate crises.

Will Google Level the Playing Field?

Search engine giants set to transform the property market Google could be about to transform property searches in the UK, becoming the ultimate aggregator of aggregators. The Google property search will take consumers directly to the websites of agents, increasing the visitors and business that their online offering receives.

Marketing Your Transitional House is Important Early in the Process

When establishing transitional housing it’s important to begin marketing your home early in the process. We had no idea that was the case when we put together our first home. The remodel was completed; the house looked great, it was fully equipped and ready to go. Then we cranked up our marketing for tenants. The results of waiting was a higher than expected vacancy rate.

5 Ways to Make Your Online Property Rental Ads More Effective

There are 5 ways to make an online property rental ad more catchy to renters. The landlord can improve the ad’s heading, content, photographs, and searchability by understanding the customer and the competition. Using these tips will help landlords find the right tenants for their properties.

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