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Call Capture is Helping Real Estate Brokers Go Virtual

With the real estate market in its current state, reducing costs while maintaining productivity is high on broker’s lists. One of the ways that they are doing that is to go virtual. It is a decision that makes sense for many. The technology available today makes it possible for brokers to cut costs and still run a productive and lucrative business by getting rid of their office.

Increase Your Mortgage Marketing Strategy by Ditching the Hard Sell

Which mortgage marketing strategy will increase your business, other than giving realtors the hard sell? When seeking business from real estate agents it’s easy to fall into the trap that snares many loan officers.

Video Virtual Reality Benefits Real Estate Agents

Potential home buyers are turning more and more to the Internet over the more traditional advertising. Not only they are looking for listings but also they are seeking real estate agents and brokers.

The Magic Bullet

That is what everyone in this industry is looking for today. They want lower rates, lower gas prices, more buyers, good news from the media, return of down payment assistance, in fact they want things the way they were two years ago where there was a very low inventory of homes, builders putting houses up as fast as they could, multiple offers on a listing, zero down payments and seller paid closing costs. Well, it ain’t happening.

Six Key Rules

Jack Welch was the CEO of General Electric for 20 years. He was instrumental in leading General Electric into a higher level of dominance in the marketplace. Let me share with you the real estate application to these six rules.

Real Estate Tips For the Recession

This is a golden opportunity that definitely shouldn’t be allowed to pass you by, but there are a few things you should watch out for. First and foremost, when you’re choosing a company to invest in it’s essential that you choose one that’s going to weather the storm of the recession and bounce back when the time comes. If you sink your savings into a company and it goes under as a result of the recession you’re going to be no better off than you were before.

Real Estate and the Recession

Considering the fact that it was real estate that started the ball rolling toward economic disaster in the first place, it’s rather ironic that it is in real estate that investors really have the opportunity to capitalize on economic recession and turn what could be a potentially devastating economic downturn into a major opportunity for profit. Why? Because real estate is one of the major assets whose value is plummeting in the face of a never ending stream of foreclosures and bankruptcies, and it is real estate whose value is guaranteed to go up when the recession is over.

Is the Career of Mortgage Brokers For You?

At one time, the mortgage-brokering career was at its high. With real estate being at the low today a person can go broke.

Marketing For Real Estate Success

If you are in business then you should shift your thinking as no business is going to prosper without lots of customer. The most important and finance awarding aspect of business is- Marketing because the money is in marketing the business, not doing the business. Try to become a real estate marketer than a real estate entrepreneur. This is the effective way to start making the kind of money you actually want to make.

How & Why Marketing is the Key to Selling Your Home

If you’ve decided to sell your home, it’s important that you understand how to make your home sell by marketing. Marketing is the term used in order to bring attention to your home.

Mortgage Marketing That Gives You a Competitive Edge

Are you at a loss on how your mortgage marketing can bring in a larger number of agent referrals? Find the secret to getting more business from more realtors in less time so you can enjoy a steadier income during slower times.

Mortgage Broker Marketing For Today’s Industry

Being a loan officer is a tough job. It is very hard to conduct mortgage broker marketing in a way that brings in more realtors and their referrals. The key to becoming a successful loan officer is to gain the trust of the realtor and establish lasting connections. You have to show that you are different from other loan officers out there.

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