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Real Estate Marketing Advice – Reasons Sellers Need to Perform Inspections Before Marketing

Most listing Realtors allow their Sellers to fall prey to the renegotiations the take place after home inspections are performed. Seller need to take away this advantage and perform all property inspection themselves before they go to market with their property. This is in the SELLER’S BEST INTEREST and will always save the seller time and aggravation.

Real Estate Marketing Advice – Mortgage Pre-Qualification – The R-E Maven

Many parties in the real estate industry, from banks to realtors, have suffered a loss or credibility through the use of mortgage pre-qualification letters. But the real loss has been to the seller’s that have invested so much wasted time waiting for transactions that never transpired because they have been deceived into thinking that these letter bear any weight. This deceitful practice needs to abolished.

The Future of Realty

If I had a crystal ball, I would be rich. So would you if you had one. But since I don’t I will have to use an educated guess to forecast what real estate will be in 10 years, 20 years and beyond.

Real Estate Marketing – Database Decisions – Part I

If you are going to stay in contact with all of your clients and prospects, you need to have some way of organizing all their information so you can remember them all and locate their address, email addresses or phone numbers. In order to successfully wage a constant client contact campaign, you must keep some form of electronic database.

Using Real Estate Postcards and Other Must-Do in This Line of Venture

There are ways and tricks that you can follow to make real estate postcards work to your advantage. You just have to know where to plant your ideas, when to plant them and how to harvest the fruits of your labor.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Visionary Thinking

Visionary thinking is one of the most important components of the luxury real estate marketing. If market leadership is your quest it is essential. Here is an example of how the market leader in Napa Valley sold a multi-million dollar estate in just one weekend with extraordinary visionary thinking.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Specialized Knowledge is Power

How many times have you heard the phrase “knowledge is power”? In the field of luxury real estate marketing, we say, specialized knowledge is power–earning power!

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – The Power of Personal Branding

For luxury real estate marketing professionals In the Web 2.0 era crafting a personal brand is no longer an option. It is an imperative. Discover the key principles of personal branding and how it can improve your bottom line.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Stay Focused and Be Consistent

As branding and marketing consultants for top producing luxury real estate marketing professionals throughout the country we have identified two of the biggest challenges that agents face when trying to build a high volume practice. The first challenge is discovering one’s winning marketing strategies, the best formula for lead generation. The second is staying focused and consistently repeating the winning formula.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Integrity is Just the Price of Admission

Integrity is just the price of admission in the highly competitive landscape of marketing luxury real estate. Those who have achieved market leadership in their area simply could not survive at the top f integrity were not a fundamental building block of a highly successful practice. Discover what it takes to strongly differentiate yourself from your competition.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Become the Break-Away Brand

If you stood in line to get your new iPhone you understand what a Break-away Brand is. Become the Break-away brand in your luxury real estate marketplace.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Rapid Response Communication

In today’s highly competitive luxury real estate market the essential new skill is rapid response communication. The Internet has made real time market information readily available to consumers. No longer is it the exclusive domain of real estate professionals. Consumers now demand an immediate response to their direct inquires and know that the next professional is only a click away.

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