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Online Real Estate Marketing – What to Do to Get Results Fast

Even though it would be nice to have a complete online real estate marketing strategy, sometimes you just need quick leads for your business. Here we share 3 methods that you can implement to get real estate leads within 24 hours with as little as 45 minutes of work.

Can You Tweet Your Way to a Home Sale?

Twitter, the massive micro-blogging platform (140 characters, that’s all you get) could be your key to jumping in Google rankings and consequently getting more leads. This social networking site has been derided as merely a vehicle for teens and tweens to let their friends know what they’re doing every nine seconds, but has gained quite a following in all demographics. The most notable is the President, Barack Obama, whose Twitter page has over 800,000 followers and ranks second only to the actual Twitter site in a search for “Twitter” on Google.

Choosing Marketing Material Designs to Grow Your Real Estate Business

As an independent real estate agent or agent in a small office you are at the mercy of your printed marketing materials. Some materials you can run off copies on a copier at your office once you have a compelling graphic design completed that will assist you in generating leads and sales. But before you have that initial set done the greatest value to your business will come from maximizing your closing opportunities and commissions through custom design work.

Postcards, the Ideal Real Estate Marketing Tool

A definition of how a postcard is the ideal marketing tool for real estate companies. This article also depicts applications and tips on how to make an effective postcard mailer.

Earn Real Estate Sales Through Targeted Business Card Designs

As an agent making yourself stand out from them crowd is critically important. Your competition is fierce, massive, and as cut throat as it gets. An important tool in your arsenal is your marketing collateral you use to create the impression of professionalism for your client. The first arrow in that quiver is your business card and its design.

Real Estate Information For Investors

Real estate information is easy to come across if you know where to find it. More and more people are seeing the benefits of investing in real estate. With this happening it is becoming easier to find free alternative real estate information. Before you would have had to sign up and taken several classes if you wanted to learn the ins and outs of the business. Now all you have to do is turn on your computer, type your question into a search engine, and your answer will be there waiting for you.

Business Card Designs That Help Real Estate Agents Sell Homes

Competition in the real estate market is as brutal as it gets in both a good and bad economy with every agent looking to stand out from their competitors and business ‘friends’. Besides being stunningly good in interpersonal skills, one way an agent can differentiate themselves is to have visually stunning marketing materials targeted at their prospective client base.

Internet Marketing Tips For Realtors

The internet offers a vast amount of potential to the realtor who is willing to learn the skills necessary to build on line relationships, and turn readers or visitors into prospects. Because the internet is still relatively new, internet marketing tips for realtors can be worth their weight in gold when properly applied.

Choosing the Right Real Estate Print Shop to Grow Your Sales

There are many great printers online and offline that offer fantastic quality printing services. If you’re a real estate sales professional targeting affluent buyers its worth your time to look at what they can do for you to increase your closing opportunities and commissions.

Real Estate Investing and Private Lending – How to Avoid SEC Issues in Your Advertising

Let’s talk about a couple of specific things to private lending and marketing. We’ve talked about marketing right now, but private lending has some uniqueness to it. I want to make sure you guys understand some issues here.

Market Got You Down? Become a Specialist!

Many realtors resist the idea of limiting themselves to working a particular niche. They are qualified to handle many different types of properties and lots of different kinds of buyers. Why should they limit themselves to just one small niche? And though that may be true, being a generalist is neither the quickest nor the easiest way to build your business.

Real Estate Wholesaling – A Foundation to Prosperity

Finding a job that you love and that challenges you daily is not something everyone has done. Real estate wholesaling is a potentially exciting and lucrative business that can give you the profits to save for the future. There are just a few things that are the foundation to that prosperity.

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