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Realtor Marketing – Targeting a Smaller Group of Real Estate Buyers Means Earning Bigger Commissions

The best internet marketers know that they will earn more money if they focus on smaller niche groups of buyers. The reason for this is that internet searchers want only information that is very specific. They put search terms into Google that are very specific, and Google sends them to pages that deal only with those specific topics. If your webpages and your internet marketing system is focusing on very general search terms like “real estate” then it is not likely you will receive much search engine traffic, if any.

Realtor Marketing – The Secret to Converting Every Lead Into a Customer For Life

Every Realtor has leads, or else they go out of business. Very few Realtors use the internet the way it can be used to make sure every lead becomes a customer and remains a customer forever. The secret to turning leads into customers is to develop a long term relationship with each lead.

Realtor SEO – Get a Steady Stream of Free Leads With External High Quality Links to Your Website

If you have properly optimized your web pages by putting Keywords in page titles and title tags, then you will want to address what we call “external SEO.” External SEO is nothing more than using other websites on the internet to provide you traffic and links.

Realtor Marketing – It is Time to Create Your Own Real Estate Lead Business With Internet Marketing

Have you ever dreamed of having other real estate agents work for you? Have you thought about starting your own real estate brokerage but didn’t know how to do it? If so then it is time for you to create your own real estate lead generation operation using state-of-the-art internet marketing methods.

Realtor Marketing – Use Advanced Internet Marketing to Keep Your Vacation Rentals Booked All Season

If you are in the business of helping owners rent their vacation properties, then you need to employ some advanced internet marketing techniques. This is how you will keep your properties booked for the entire upcoming vacation season.

Realtor Marketing – Use Online Attraction to Make Home Sellers Beg You to List Their Homes For Sale

Attraction marketing online is nothing more than creating one or more websites and blogs that attract the visitors you want — highly qualified and targeted leads. Using a combination of methodologies, all the internet searchers will come upon your websites and blogs through their own efforts.

Realtor Marketing – How a Monthly Online Newsletter Can Build Your Client Base in All Niches at Once

Every good Realtor knows that a monthly newsletter is a great tool for staying in touch with customers and prospective customers. Not all Realtor newsletter are that effective, however. To have a great newsletter you have to give the customers what they want.

Realtor Marketing – The Secret to Realtor SEO & How to Stand Out on Google and Other Search Engines

Many Realtors have the same websites as hundreds or thousands of other Realtors. This is the kiss of death when it comes to effective SEO for Realtors (Search Engine Optimization).

Realtor SEO – Customize Your Website and Optimize it For Search Engines to Get Endless Free Leads

Most Realtors do not have customized and optimized websites. This means they do not receive free leads from Google and other search engines. By taking some easy steps with a customized website Realtors can create a distinctive look and at the same time receive an endless supply of free leads.

Realtors – Avoid Being Ripped Off by Lead Generation Companies and Set Up Your Own Lead System

Because the real estate market is bad, more and more Realtors turn to lead generation companies. These companies vary in quality, with some of the leads being of poor quality. Also, they tend to be expensive, charging a wide variety of activation charges, fees and even a percentage of your revenue. With a state-of-the-art internet marketing system in place, a Realtor will not need to purchase leads. Instead he or she will receive a steady stream of quality leads to their websites every day.

Realtor Marketing – Are You in the Box Or Thinking Outside the Box When it Comes to Internet Leads

As the housing market becomes less fruitful, there are considerably more agents than there are homes for sale or potential buyers. Let’s look at some interesting statistics. 84% of all buyers begin their search for a home on the internet. If you look only at Generations X and Y that number increases substantially.

Realtor Marketing – Implement the Perfect Lead Follow Up System Using Internet Marketing Methods

For all Realtors, obtaining leads is hugely time consuming and expensive. If you can obtain “high quality” leads it is better, but also more expensive and time consuming.

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