Real Estate Investing Websites – Avoid These Deadly Keyword Mistakes

If you have done any work with the Internet or real estate investing websites then I am sure you have heard of the term keyword. Keywords are the words on your web page that are relevant to the type of traffic that you would like to visit your site from the search engines. When search engines send their spiders to gather information about your page they will be searching for your keywords. Your keywords will help the search engines direct your placement within the search engine itself.

Marketing Real Estate

Is real estate marketing important? Why not use a realtor?

Real Estate Marketing Advice – Reason 5 – Sellers Need to Perform Property Inspections Before Market

By demanding that the home inspection company a seller chooses to use has proper insurance coverage, a seller is in the position where the work will be guaranteed by two companies, the inspection company and their insurance company. Sellers cannot afford to risk their home sale to inadequate risks and hoping an inspector has insurance is just not good enough, they need proof.

Real Estate Internet Marketing – Creating an Online Presence

Everything seems to be moving online these days and the real estate industry is no different. To stay competitive in today’s market, you have to have an online presence.

Real Estate Marketing Advice – Reason# 3 – Sellers Need to Perform Inspections Before Marketing

Sellers need to be cautious in order to avoid any claims of misrepresentation. Although this can be done innocently enough it is easy to avoid by simply having a property inspection performed before they market their property.

The Importance of Marketing Your Real Estate Investing Business

In this article I will tell any Real Estate Investor how to find out more information about how to market their investing business. Every RE Investor should have certain tools they are using to attain clients. This article will reveal where you can get some of those tools. Stay on the lookout for part 2 to this article where I will give some actual steps on marketing strategies.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essential – The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming!

Successfully connect with Russian buyers. Russians are the #1 foreign buyers of luxury real estate in today’s luxury real estate market. Here is what you need to know to connect with them.

Direct Mail to Find Discounted Property

Are you a first time investor thrilled to start your first direct mail campaign, if so you might want to stick to so proven principles that are essential to the success of this type of marketing? A lack of calls from truly motivated sellers or just a lack of calls all together discourages many investors. Some investors just simply give up on this form of marketing.

Real Estate Marketing – Database Decisions – Part II

If you are ready to move beyond Excel or Outlook, and need a full featured client database, there is hope for you! There are several programs out there that have many features and can do everything but make coffee and wash dishes! The disadvantage to that fact is that there are many features that probably get overlooked and sometimes the programs are not that user friendly.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – To Blog Or Not to Blog?

For luxury real estate marketing professionals, blogging can be an outstanding communication and marketing strategy. However, you should know what you are getting into. Here are the pros and cons of luxury real estate blogging.

Real Estate Marketing Advice – Reasons 1 and 2 That Sellers Need to Perform Property Inspections

It is in the SELLER”S BEST INTEREST to perform property inspections before going to market with their property. In order to establish an accurate price they need to know exactly what they are putting a price on. Providing an accurate description to the buyers creates a desired sense of trust, not only in the property itself but with the seller as well.

Real Estate Marketing Tips For 2008

Real estate marketing refers to the sale of land and property that is permanent on it. Real estate marketing requires adverts and online conversations in order to increase sales. This will take place in many forms like registering for news letters or calling to get details and information. Clear requisites for the conversations should be outlined specially on websites in order to capture people’s attention. On line chat is also important. Someone should always be ready and waiting for questions from clients who ask through live chat.

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