Real Estate Marketing – What You Absolutely Must Know Before Publishing Your First Ezine

Spring is just about here, so it’s a great time to take a look at our marketing strategies. Are you currently offering an email newsletter? This is a great way to keep your name out there and increase your credibility with prospective clients and customers, as well as keeping your current client base well informed.

Pro Prospecting

Tracking our numbers and sales ratios and understanding the market can be the difference between winning and losing. Writer George Shelham said, “Winners keep track of the results; losers keep track of the reasons.”

Online Advertising – The Newest Way to Market Your Home

Selling a home requires advertising it in as many ways as possible to reach a wide audience. If you fall in the FSBO (for sale by owner) category, you need to exert extra effort to market your home in various advertising media. One of the best options available today is advertising on the internet because of its numerous advantages over the traditional method.

Real Estate Marketing – Why Satisfied Clients Don’t Refer

Well, how do I get them to refer me to a friend or family member when the opportunity arises? I’m glad you asked. People will refer business to people they know, like, and trust. Appreciation wins over every time. When you genuinely reach out and show your customer appreciation they feel the need to give back and the only way they know how is to refer a friend or family member to you.

Real Estate Marketing Advice – Have You Ever Wondered Why Realtors Need Watch Dogs?

Real estate agents are notorious for not following up on property inquiries. The national average response time is 72 hours. A three day average to return interest on a specific property when communication technology surrounds them everywhere is unconscionable.

Why the Internet is Paving the Way in Real Estate Marketing

It was once difficult to market your real estate property, as you were once limited to newspaper clippings, for-sale signs and word-of-mouth. Now you can use the internet to promote your property to anyone with internet access in Virginia and around the world.

Real Estate Agents Can Sell More Homes Using Graphic Design and Branding

Real estate agent’s can battle today’s tough real estate market by standing out in their community. Graphic design and branding are effective ways to do that.

Plan Your Best Year Now

In order to create a vision, which develops into a plan, you will need to practice and work at it. Your first attempts will take more time, maybe a few more turns in your route up the mountain of success.

The Dynamic Importance of a Website As a Investor, Or Realtor

The major benefit of a phenomenal website as an Investor, Real Estate Agent, or Wholesaler, is to demonstrate creditability, and so much, much more. This article will give you specifics as to what you need in a website and more importantly what you do not need.

Real Estate Marketing – Using the Power of the Internet to Find Clients and Prospects

How do you find clients and prospects? Ten different people will give you twelve different answers, and the scary thing is – they’d be right!

Understanding the Housing and Economic Recovery Act – Marketing Hope to Struggling Borrowers

The mortgage and real estate market just got a very powerful weapon to help home owners and new home buyers. Have you considered how you will market these new opportunities? Many of the emergency provisions of the Economic Stimulus package have now become permanent. Carefully consider how you will explain and highlight these key elements of Housing and Economic Recovery Act that will help your clients.

Finding Motivated Sellers Part 2

Being a successful real estate investor requires you to consistently find motivated seller. If you are not finding motivated sellers on a consistent basis then your business is going to dry up and disappear. Have you ever been tired of finding motivated sellers? Seems like you’ve done everything you can but you are not making any deal in return? Well, there are certain strategies that work better than others. Check out what works best for you!

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