Internet Based Agency On The Rise

One of the main arguments in the property market recently is whether it is possible to replace advertising in the printed press to the online environment. Now this debate is expanding: Is it time to replace the physical High Street presence with a virtual presence?

Real Estate Marketing Secrets – What to Do With a Buyer Who Can’t Make Up Their Mind

Is your client having a hard time making up their mind and you feel you are dragged along for the ride? Here are 5 tips to help with this issue and get your client a home.

How To Prospect Expired Listings

Prospecting expired listings can be the core of anyone’s business in the real estate field. You can create a system that will give you repeatable results for your effort. Let’s look at these three very positive characteristics in prospecting expired listings.

Internet Marketing for Real Estate Companies is Significant

When it comes to stepping up your marketing strategies, it is important to be flexible and to explore the horizon. There are methods to make your job a lot easier and make your business profitable by the use internet.

Five Reasons Why Your Real Estate Business Depends on the Internet

Are you still in the dark about using the internet in your real estate business? Learn 5 reasons why your real estate business depends on the internet.

Unlimited Real Estate – Using Blogs to Sell Your Listings

A home is the most expensive purchase most people will ever make. Why are we selling them with a picture the size of a postage stamp and 25 words? Here’s a simple way to leverage blogging platforms to let your homes sell themselves with an unlimited number of words AND high-resolution pictures.

Build Relationships and Leads Will Follow

Starting out in the real estate business (or any business for that matter) can be a little anxiety inspiring. The initial stage of getting off the ground is always a challenge. There are plenty of ideas out there on how to get new business, but one of the best ways to build your business is by building on the relationships with your current clients. If you offer outstanding service and do the job right, you will get the referrals. Word of mouth is still one of the best marketing tools a business can ask for.

New Construction Sales – Are You Sure?

For those of you who considering going into new home construction sales, I wanted to pass on some things you may want to think about before making that move. I enjoy what I do, but the learning curve has been tough and I’ve worked hard for every penny earned. New construction sales can seem very rewarding, and it has been for me, but it can also be a whole lot of very hard work for lower pay than anticipated.

How to Choose Effective Real Estate Websites

Online transactions are really taking over. These days, almost all important transactions can be done online. You may bank through the Internet or even shop for whatever item you need. The real estate industry is never to be left out.

Real Estate Web Marketing- 2008 Review

The slow down of the US Real Estate market in 2007-08, has made the development of effective and aggressive Web Marketing strategies a necessity. Globalization of the same market has contributed to this phenomenon, where advertisement through the customary vehicles of Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate listing sites is not enough to get your property noticed.

Real Estate Blogging Methods To Remember And Avoid

Blogging has been considered to be one of the best weapons a real estate professional has today, especially when selling homes or property in a down market like today. Although each blogger’s methods and techniques may differ, there will always be some form of disagreement among real estate bloggers as to what the mix of content should be placed or written, or should you simply stick to writing purely real estate content.

Marketing Luxury Homes in the Age of the Internet

This article offers the luxury real estate professional a general overview of the best websites to post listings on-line. Some of these websites offer free or low cost listings for luxury homes and are great places to list.

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