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Real Estate Agent Personal Branding – Learning From American Idol – Part 3

For luxury real estate marketing professionals who seek to gain or sustain market leadership building your personal brand is a necessity and finding your unique brand signal is an imperative. The pursuit of market leadership may seem on the outside like acquiring the lion’s share of market share. But, it is actually the quest for tapping into your inner voice. When this occurs you most certainly will experience a transformational moment.

Real Estate Marketing – Utilize Twitter to Brand Yourself and Build Relationships in Real Estate

Have you heard the buzz? Twitter is taking the world by storm! With Twitter, you have 140 characters – not words, characters: i.e.: spaces, letters, numbers, symbols – to share your message with the world. Twitter asks, “What are you doing?”, though a better question would be to ask, “What do you have to share with the world?”

How to Calculate the Resale Price For a Real Estate Option

Now getting paid is what I will talk about! It should not take a rocket scientist to understand that there is a direct correlation between how well a property is marketed and how fast an option sells. If you do not get anything else from this article, please get this: Market the property, not the real estate option.

Do I Need a Website For My Holiday Home Business?

Having some sort of internet presence for your holiday home rental is a no-brainer! Even by the UK tourist boards conservative figures, over 60% of people use the internet when booking a holiday. In reality, it is probably far more. The real question, therefore, is whether to create your own website or use a well known portal to drive the internet side of your holiday home business.

Real Estate Marketing – Building Relationships Through Blogging

When you sit down with your blog, stare at the blank screen and try to decide what to write, what do you think of? Do you try to force a post about the housing market? Do you try to wrangle out a blog post based on a business principle that you learned that week? While this isn’t a completely negative way to come up with blog posts, let’s take a step back and remember our purpose for this real estate blog.

Real Estate Marketing – Using RSS Feeds to Update Your Blog

Updating your blog can turn into a time-consuming chore if you let it. Here’s a great way to update your blog and do some research at the same time!

What Does Your Real Estate Website Content Say About You?

Get your real estate website to stand out from the crowd with unique content. By simply sharing your expertise and providing the information that users crave you will give visitors the confidence to contact you for help.

Creating a Residential Commercial – Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Preparing to sell your home this year?  The most common mistake many sellers make when staging their homes that you can avoid is preparing your home based on your personal tastes.  When selling, you are creating a ‘residential advertisement’ for your home, so it must appeal to the audience you want to reach.

Winning Real Estate Business Card Designs

Business cards are a number one priority in the real estate market. The competition among realtors is massive and to stand out in front of the pack a realtor needs to stand out in every respect, so it behooves them to have the best marketing materials possible that will not detract in any respect from their service offering. An attractive design with a targeted message to your prospect will separate a professional from an amateur every time.

The Right Real Estate Business Cards Will Get You Noticed

If you’re a professional in the real estate business, then you might want to get some real estate business cards that stand out from the rest and will assist you in increasing your closings (and commissions). There are a lot of businesses both online and off that have some great printing services.

Real Estate Marketing – 3 Venues For Advertising Real Estate Online

If you are a newer Real Estate agent, it’s pretty obvious that the days when placing a “For Sale” sign in the yard of a house and waiting for the calls to pour in is long gone. Agents are constantly hunting for new and creative ways to market their Real Estate listings.

Real Estate Marketing – Express Your Credibility Through Article Writing

With the competition for clients pretty fierce right now, you have to find a way to stand above the crowd. You want to show your prospects that you have the knowledge and ability to help them. So what makes you stand out from all the other real estate agents in your area? Express your credibility through sharing your knowledge through articles!

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