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Are You Using Video to Sell Homes?

Creating videos couldn’t be easier with this great tool I am going to tell you about. All you will have to do is upload your digital photos, pick the music you want, add your keywords and you are ready to go. It is that simple. Animoto is very user friendly and within a few minutes you will have your first video up and going.

Getting Qualified Real Estate Leads

If you generate qualified real estate leads instead of having just any lead, you could greatly improve your chances of increasing your profits as an agent or broker. This is because a better use of your time would be approaching prospects who are really motivated to make a purchase instead of talking to those who are just looking around and are still a long way from actually buying. The best way to get qualified real estate leads is through the Internet because it has been observed that almost 90 percent of buyers of homes and other properties did some Internet searches before they actually made a purchase.

How to Find Real Estate Deals That Are Under Market Value by Networking

The overall goal of networking is to promote the business and to educate the widest possible audience on services offered by your company. Broader exposure often leads to new opportunities, prospective clients and new ideas and there’s no better way to achieve this goal than through networking.

Confidential Real Estate Super Stealth Strategy They Don’t Want You to Know

The core secret that large corporations, advertising agencies and successful real estate investors know and always use is this: People buy on emotion, and justify their purchases with logic. This simple fact is used every single day in TV, newspaper, Internet and other advertisements by companies like Coca-Cola, Dell, Remax, Ford, and virtually any large corporation you can think of.

A Closer Look in the Miami Real Estate Market

For the past years, the economic highlight was placed on the real estate market. Due to ominous conditions of the housing market, it is only natural for people to shun from purchasing real property – the same goes for sellers. Fortunately, the real estate arena has been silently picking up in most states especially Florida. The Miami real estate market conditions are beginning to turn for the better.

How to Choose MLS IDX Solutions For Your Site

Providing one of the best MLS IDX solutions for visitors to your real estate website is expected to win their trust and confidence in the site and in you. This is why IDX MLS solutions can really assist you in increasing your sales and profits because you will have more prospective buyers and/or sellers. But how do you select the best tool for your site to make sure that it could really accomplish what you have intended it to do?

Brokerage Commission – Why Should it Be Paid?

Real Estate brokerage has become more and more professional and complex over the years. 26 years ago (1983, when I opened Society offices) work was simpler, properties were more close at hand, there were two national newspapers and one local paper. Advertising of properties was in these same newspapers.

How to Draw Clients With Your Real Estate Blog Or Website

The last tip for keeping your blog interesting and enjoyable for your clients is to post on it regularly. Anyone who reads a blog will quickly cease if every time they come back to it it’s not updated. Update your blog at minimum once a week to keep it fresh.

Real Estate Market – Survive and Beat the Competition in a Failing Market

Changing market trends need a marked different approach on the part of real estate agents. The market has been really brisk and hot for a very long time. Most of the real estate agents are not aware of the workings of a buyer’s market as it has been a predominantly seller’s market for quite some time.

Real Estate Distress Or Opportunity

Sure things will look better in the interm as all the trillions are pumped into the economy and Government getting more involved on local levels, handing out money to individual States, and keeping them a float. Is the government taking over the individual state? Over the next 3 years, over $1 trillion in Commercial real estate mortgages mature, is this a new version of the subprime mortgage implosion?

Real Estate and Mortgage Marketing Strategy – Tweet Grid

There are people out there who need your services. And, they are telling the entire world they need your services. Read this article to find out how you can be there to hear them!

The 2 Most Critical Elements to Succeeding With Direct Mail

This article discusses the two most critical elements that every real estate investor must consider before sending out a direct mail campaign to motivated sellers. Without proper consideration of these factors, response rate is likely to be low.

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