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Safely Investing Your Money in Live Leads For Mortgage Marketing

If you are a mortgage broker or a loan officer, you are probably on the market seeking mortgage leads. If you are not interested to share any mortgage lead with other loan officers, purchasing them exclusively is a better option. An exclusive mortgage lead must be exclusive to you alone and must be immediately sold in real time, more often referred to as a fresh mortgage lead.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Make More Money Faster by Showing Your True Colors

Personal branding for luxury real estate marketing professionals is all about consistently showing your true colors to your ideal target market. By clearly articulating your true colors, that is, who you are and what you stand for, through your brand identity, you will accelerate the pace of attracting more ideal clients. The more matches you make the more money you make. It is that simple!

Building Business by Helping Others Market Locally!

On Yelp (a review site for local businesses), you come across a local business that you are familiar with and write a review. The business didn’t get a phone call, text, e-mail or anything else from you telling them what a great deed that you did, You just did it with nothing expected in return. If they do get a review from someone through Yelp, I would hope that it is because you deserve it – not because someone owes you one.

Guidelines For You to Turbo Charge Your Current Real Estate Marketing Plan

When you are a real estate seller you’ll soon find that you could be confronted with a number of distinct challenges. Along with present day market and sluggish housing market it’s not trouble-free to trade your properties, this is actually specifically true due to all the other competitors that exist in this rough aggressive industry.

Enthusiasm – A Realtor’s Fuel

There’s no business quite like Real Estate. If you close a big deal or string a few deals together you can make huge commissions in a short time. You are beaming with enthusiasm and you feel like you can take on the world. Unfortunately, with the great success you can have in Real Estate there can also be down times.

Even Mike Ferry Uses an Assistant

Mike Ferry is one of the most successful real estate sales coaches in the country, and he uses an assistant. If Mike Ferry uses an assistant, and Mike is telling you that you need an assistant, then you need an assistant.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – The Luxury of Lemon Grass

Luxury real estate marketing has become an international game. Understanding what is considered to be a luxury in multiple cultures is now a requisite education for luxury real estate marketing professionals.

Luxury Real Estate Branding – A Head-Shot is Not a Brand!

Many luxury real estate marketing professionals confuse their head-shot as being their brand. The majority of real estate print ads are simply a collection of “heads and houses.” As a result, what you get is a sea of sameness. When your competitors all use their head-shot as their brand what makes you distinct? This is part 2 of our previous post,Off with Your Head!

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Thank You For Not Calling Back

Great customer service begins with the basics, like returning phone calls. There are consequences of poor follow-through. Take heed!

The Importance of Virtual Tours to Market Your Listings

More and more agents are advertising that they provide a virtual tour with their listing when they really just post a bunch of really dark and poorly lit stills. What is a real virtual tour?

Do You Really Need a Realtor?

The decision to employ a realtor in today’s market is sometimes tricky. And, as everything in any market, there are several selections. As such, there also are many choices that could be better than each other. In the property market, it is more left up to the requirements of people rather than classifying one better than the other. Let us have a look at what For Sale by Owner really means, and the advantages it may supply the purchaser and seller.

Apartment Internet Marketing That Boosts Your SEO

It is common knowledge that renters are looking for apartments online in rapidly increasing number. That’s why rental websites have become such powerful marketing tool. They give you the ability to market and sell your product 24/7. Find what steps you must take to ensure that your apartment rental website is going to attract traffic.

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