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The Secret to Being #1

Why do you want get a #1 ranking in your market on local search engines and Google Maps? Why will your phone ring off the hook if you do? It’s because every day in there are 3 million internet searches that include the word “Realtor.” You want to be sure they find your website when they are searching online for a Realtor.

Realtor Marketing – Using New Technology to Automatically Generate Leads For Real Estate Listings

Internet marketing allows you to put all your lead generation efforts on total autopilot. With automatic lead generation you have more time to focus on turning your leads into paying clients. You want to spend more time with people who will buy homes using you as their real estate agent or people who list homes and will use you as their listing agent.

Realtor Web Marketing Work Plan – Part 8 – Use Your Blog For Better Relationships and More Leads

Many Realtors have websites that look old and out of date. You don’t want that. You want a website experience that is very positive for your visitors.

Realtor Internet Marketing – Using New Social Media Websites to Find You Leads and Customers Daily

One challenge of internet marketing for Realtors is staying on top of new trends. Frankly, it’s a challenge for those of us who do internet marketing full time, especially in the past year. If you can be the one Realtor who is on top of the newest internet marketing trends it will pay off.

7 Proven Low Cost Marketing Ideas For Retailers

One of the primary goals of a retailer is to attract new customers to their store every day. Even in tough times, marketing is a vital component to your success and often many business owners pull away from marketing in hopes of cutting costs to improve profits which is a huge mistake. The good news is that you don’t have to invest a ton of money to drive in traffic.

Realtor Internet Marketing Work Plan – Part 3 – Optimize Each Web Page For Realtor SEO & Free Leads

Website Marketing for Realtors depends on properly optimizing your website, including every page on your website. This means putting the right search engine keywords on each website page. This is the way to do great Realtor SEO and get free leads generated automatically for your real estate business.

How to Market Apartments in Bad Economic Times

The challenge of marketing businesses during tough times is increasing and is a major concern by companies. Some companies would decide to cut on their marketing and advertising budget knowing that the market is not responsive to the advertisements. The others would take advantage of the crisis to increase the budget and aim for a better share of the pie compared to the competitors.

How to Market Apartments

Real estate is the most expensive and yet important for everyone to have. How to market apartments is not that difficult. Usually, it is the responsibility of a real estate broker.

The Only 3 Tips You Need to Succeed

It’s unbelievable how much time is wasted each day on non-revenue generating activities. Every week I speak with at least a small handful of loan officers and Realtors (Even in California) who are still managing to close 8 – 10 deals or more per month.

The Lowdown on Real Estate Call Capture

Many real estate agents are turning to technology to enhance their business. They use it to help them stay organized, mobile and efficient as well as generate leads. One such technology is real estate call capture. While many people have heard of it, fewer of them can say what it really is.

How Realtors Can Get the Best ROI From Web Site and Social Media

Do You NEED to harness the power of social media for your Real Estate Business? Now is the PERFECT time to join. Don’t be intimidated. Social Media doesn’t have to difficult or overwhelming. Here are some simple steps for achieving your best ROI.

Real Estate Marketing – Why Your Drip Campaign Could Backfire

Drip campaigns are a wonderful way for real estate agents to maintain top of mind awareness with their prospects. But if you send the wrong messages in that campaign, your efforts could do you more harm than good.

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