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Real Estate Marketing For Beginners

Real Estate Marketing has become a hot topic. A website that is marketed well and gains good search engine visibility can capitalize on all the buyers and sellers who use the Internet these days.

How to Make the Most of Your Leads

According to the National Association of Realtor’s, 74% of an agent’s potential clients are generated by a referral from a trusted source. However, very few of these referral actually become clients that will buy or sell with that agent. The reason for this is that most agents just do not properly follow their leads.

Property for Sale and Rent – All About Property Agents

Property agents are professionals who help in connecting buyers to sellers in the property industry. Some of the property agents also do link up tenants to landlords for property rental…

Property Listings – Using the Internet or Newspaper

Are you kicking out with frustration of not able to locate the right property to buy as a home for living or to invest in? If you want to successfully locate your ideal property, Internet and newspaper are 2 popular and effective ways to getting property listings…

7 Key Real Estate Marketing Tactics For Surviving A Tough Market

As an ex-agent I know what it’s like to stare into the abyss, metaphorically speaking of course, and with more than 37 years experience, I came instead to think of the ups and downs of the property market as more of a roller-coaster ride than a blind leap into a black hole. Although it might appear that you could be about to crash and burn, the reality is that so long as you work your business and develop strategies, you’ll not only stay on track but you’ll actually rise up again stronger than ever before.

Real Estate Marketing and SEO in 2008

With the real estate market as tough as it ever has been, realtors are relying on their websites more than ever. Now the search engines have all new rules and it’s almost impossible to rank a real estate website without turning to a professional.

Content Optimization for Realtor Websites

For Realtors, the Web has proved to be a place full of opportunities. With an increasing number of Real Estate Websites cropping up, competition is intense in the race to get to the top. There are many ways adopted by Real Estate Agents to get their website at the number one position.

Marketing Your RV Park With Signage

Marketing an RV park is tricky. Customers come from all over and for many reasons. But one piece of marketing that is always important for RV parks is signage on well-traveled roads and highways.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies – How You Can End The Habit Of Procrastination For Good

As a business coach for real estate professionals for the last 12 years, I often hear the same question from my clients, “How do I stop procrastinating and do what I need to do to pick up the phone?” This article will give you a strategy guaranteed help you overcome the old pattern of procrastination.

How to Use Your Real Estate Business Card as a Marketing Tool

A good real estate business card can turn out to be quite useful for your real estate company, as it will act as your first line of marketing. With the real estate market being so competitive in nature, you have to make a big first impression the start of this impression will be with a real estate business card design. In an ideal scenario, the design of your business card should be simple, which can be easily understood by everyone.

Stop Foreclosure, Loss Mitigation Consulting – An Untapped Multi-Trillion Dollar Niche Industry

Due to the current falling real estate market, sub-prime mortgage crisis & rapidly rising home foreclosure rates, a Multi-Trillion Dollar Business Opportunity Has Been Created In The Real Estate Industry – Loss Mitigation / Foreclosure Prevention Consulting services. The Real Estate foreclosure problem is spiraling out of control across America. National mortgage defaults and Foreclosures statistics are at 30 year highs and rising rapidly.

Do You Want The Ultimate Marketing Strategy To Dominate Your Market?

Do you want the ultimate marketing strategy that will allow you as an REI to dominate your market and crush your competition? Then BE the BANK. What? I can’t be the Bank, I got into REI to make money fast! The number one way you can make money as an REI is to do exactly what the Big Boys do. You need CASH, right? (unless you know the techniques described in my book) So how do you get your hands on a steady flow of cash and eliminate being a landlord?

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