Stocks Red but I found something Green

Want To Make Money Flipping Homes? Home Seller Assist (HSA) Makes It Easy!

Have you heard the stories about the multitude of people who either have or are currently making good money by buying foreclosed or short sale homes and reselling them? Have you wanted to get involved in this down economy where opportunities abound? Now you can – without any out of pocket expenses or good credit required.

9 Tips For Using Trade Publications to Market Your Realtor Coaching Program

Think you might want to use trade publications to market your Realtor Coaching program? Here are 9 tried & true tips for getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Real Estate Call Capture – Shifting Your Focus Back to Your Clients

Generating leads and figuring out which marketing gets results are two things that take up a majority of an agents valuable time and money. Every minute spent on these aspects of their business takes away from where their focus should be – serving their clients. Call capture is a tool that will help agents shift focus back to their clients and back to doing what they do best, selling houses.

Property Launch Formula – Review

How can you sell a property in record time while every other seller is complaining about a slow and declining real estate market? Property Launch Formula, which is part of the SIMS system (Smart Internet Marketing Solution), could be the answer. But can you really sell properties super fast and for top price using this real estate selling system? Or is the Property Launch Formula just a scam that you should stay away from?

Internet Marketing For Real Estate Agents

If you are a real estate professional, you know that the real estate market is in a, generously stated, slump. The market has a glut of homes and buyers become harder to qualify for home loans each day. If you are scratching your head trying to find a better way to put your inventory of homes on the market, you have to remember that internet marketing for real estate agents brings results.

Marketing For Real Estate Agents That Gets More Sales

If a real estate professional has a listing that is sitting unsold for months and months perhaps the wrong marketing strategies are being utilized. Property that remains unsold doesn’t make the agency or the agent any money. If traditional methods of marketing real estate have failed then alternate methods of marketing must be explored. Internet marketing for real estate agents provides more listings and more sales.

Internet Marketing For Real Estate Agents in 2009

With the real estate market in a slump, many agencies are attempting to develop methods to increase the amount of prospects that are available to the agency. One of these methods and perhaps the best available method is online marketing. Internet marketing for real estate agents provides more potential prospects thus increasing the profitability of the agency.

Real Estate Professionals Need to Take Control of Their Online Real-Estate Marketing Strategy

Before you give another penny to your web site developer, you need to understand how your new clients will see you. After you gain understanding that people do business with people – NOT businesses, and that pretty business websites generally make less money then quirky personal websites, you will be glad you took the time to educate yourself about Online Real Estate Marketing.

Use Real Estate Leads to Grow Your Real Estate Business

As use of the internet has increased, so to, has its value in connecting service providers with home owners. One of the best ways to grow a real estate business is to connect with more clients by using real estate leads.

Increasing Your Real Estate Profits With Attraction Marketing

The troubled economic times we are in now has caused a down turn in profitability in the real estate market. More houses are for sale with fewer qualified buyers. Many of these houses are being marketed at a significant price reduction to try and move them. There are much stricter lending policies in place reducing the number of qualified buyers.

Marketing For Real Estate Agents – A New Look

Over the past few years, marketing for real estate agents has changed dramatically. What used to be something simple is now a full blown science just like marketing everything else. The biggest reason being that the real estate market has grown very competitive over the years. Its time for the industry to confront the facts that they are faced with. The primary one is that old success techniques are not going to work in 2009.

Marketing For Real Estate Agents the Correct Way

There are various things you can do in order to do good marketing for real estate agents. There are many realtors that have actually gone online and managed to generate a large following without spending much money. The trick to successful marketing via the internet and offline is to be new and fresh.

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