The $50 Billion LIE: Walmart Partners with Litecoin

Luxury Real Estate Branding – Empower Your Silent Salesperson

How important is aesthetics in presenting your luxury real estate marketing services? The answer is: very important. In fact, aesthetics represents an entire branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty, art, and taste. The aesthetics of visual presentation can be your “silent salesperson” and play a much bigger part than you may realize in the success of your luxury real estate practice.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Tips – The Secret Advantage of Being the Popular Choice

The advantage to being top of mind, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, in your marketplace is getting the lion’s share of the business. There is also a secret advantage of being the popular choice. Although, Cherry Garcia ice cream, from Ben & Jerry’s, has many raving fans vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream are by far the favorite choices with vanilla winning hands down as “most popular”.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Refining the Definition of Luxury

As a Luxury real estate marketing professional it is important to become aware of the current shifting values in the realm of luxury goods and services. We are always on the lookout for refining the definition for luxury to keep up with new trends.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Attract More High Net Worth Clients With an Abundant State of Mind

The most successful luxury real estate marketing professionals have understood and acquired a mindset that matches the general state of mind of their typical clients. As a result, they attract more high net worth clients than their competitors do. That way of thinking can be summed up in a single word that sounds even better in Italian than it does in English: ABBONDANZA!

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – The Contrarian Approach

Our digital world has brought about some wonderful efficiency in communication and has reduced costs. But, it has also made it easier to lose the personal touch which has now become a luxury. This opens up a tremendous opportunity for luxury real estate marketing professionals to gain a competitive edge by thinking like a contrarian.

Luxury Real Estate Branding – Branding is Like the Wizard of Oz

To quickly grasp the vital importance of what we mean by the soul of your brand, consider the classic story of the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy wanted to get back home. The Scarecrow wanted brains. The Tin Man wanted a heart and the Cowardly Lion wanted courage.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Syndicate You! – Part 1

Become a One-Woman or One Man Brand. There is no getting around it! To gain the competitive advantage in your marketplace, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, you need to embrace the evolving media of the internet. To accomplish this you need to delve fully into and understand the concept of syndication both listing syndication and the syndication of YOU.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Is Print Media Dead?

Luxury real estate marketing professionals are often told that “print media” is dead. Shrinking revenue numbers of traditional media is presented as proof. Besides, Google discontinued its print ads in February of 2009. But, according to the Luxury Institute print will always have a place in luxury and we agree. Why?

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Creating Customer Loyalty Offline

We are often asked by luxury real estate marketing professionals for some low cost, off-line vs. online, marketing strategies that produce high impact marketing results, especially client loyalty. We like to encourage our readers and our clients to think about what makes them loyal customers and clients of other professionals. Here are some ideas along those lines.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Syndicate You! Part 2

By creating a name for yourself on the internet, a one-woman or a one-man brand, focusing on publishing content that you are passionate about (not necessarily real estate), you can significantly expand your sphere of influence. What is truly exciting about this opportunity is the relatively low cost of entry into the field and the potential for tremendous return on your investment.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Finding Leads in Closets

How is your return on investment based on the time you have spent with online social networking from a business perspective? Here is a very specific and focused application of online networking that cuts through the confusion and can yield outstanding measurable results.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – The Antidote to the Social Media Dilemma

The Titanic shift from traditional media to social media has confounded businesses of every type. Luxury real estate marketing professionals are no exception. With the Do Not Call laws, telemarketing is no longer an option. People are tossing direct mail in the garbage more so now than ever, without even looking at it. The ability to record TV programs and “zip through” commercials while on mute has significantly reduced the effectiveness of advertising on broadcast TV. Even banner ads are being ignored online.

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