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Staying Ahead – Marketing Your Holiday Property in a Changing Market

Owning a holiday rental can be profitable, exciting and rewarding, providing that owners maintain an eye on the changing nature of the market. It’s now more important than ever that owners of holiday lets understand the demand that is out there in order to maximize their return on their investment.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies – 5 Steps to Becoming a Success Magnet

Are you just not achieving the success you want? Here is a formula that I have used with many clients to help them gain the success they deserve.

What I Am Grateful For As a Real Estate Agent

It is the middle of summer, more than three months before Thanksgiving. Yet it is always appropriate to give thanks. If this piece encourages other real estate agents to think about what they have going for them, it may help even more persevere.

Real Estate Agent Qualities

Everyday is nice when it starts with a positive attitude. In business dealing, it is best when the one selling not only have the attitude but the knowledge of what they are doing. That is most essential among any businesses, and it applies the same to the Real Estate Agents.

Making the Shift From Top Producer to Successful Broker

Think of the restaurant analogy: you do not see one guy cooking, waiting tables, cleaning tables and greeting guests. Not delegating is one of the biggest mistakes brokers make. They fail to stay focused on the big picture and end up becoming too involved in minor, day-to-day operations of the company.

What Marketing Materials Does a Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Really Need?

Buyer’s agents need two basic marketing materials. One is a good business card, the other is a website that demonstrates what they can and will do for their buyer clients.

In Real Estate, a Picture IS Worth Thousands of Dollars (Part 1)

Just like you can’t see a great personality across a crowded floor, potential home buyers cannot find the homes of their dreams based on words alone. Great photography can get your house more prospective buyers and as a result a better offer or offers to choose from.

Promoting Your Real Estate Business

If you’re running a real estate business, it’s absolutely vital to get the word out about what you have to offer. This will help you touch base with your potential clients. Read more.

Advantages of Real Estate Internet Marketing

In simple words, ‘marketing’ is the process by which companies create customer interest in products or services. Lately, Internet marketing has taken over from conventionally used methods even in real estate.

Real Estate Advertising Ideas

Any person having a flair for effective communication, a keen eye for spotting good property, and convincing capabilities can become a real estate agent. In order to get business and maintain a good number of clients, the agent must advertise and market his or her firm effectively.

Several Ways to Get People to Their Dream Home and Making a Profit Too

In Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, one of the most basic needs of a person is to have a home in which he can dwell in. The job therefore, of a real-estate agent, is to lead that person to a particular home which is his ideal place to live in.

Social Media – What it Can Do to Your Real Estate Business?

Almost every individual across the globe who is using the internet these days has an account or profile in social networking websites. But we can’t deny the fact that there are still people who don’t understand the power of social networking instead they think this as a waste of time.

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