The Coming Massive, Stagflation Market Crash.

4 Steps to Writing a Short Sale Letter With Testimonials That Will Generate Leads

Discover 4 steps to help you create a powerful short sale letter that uses testimonials. With this letter you will have a powerful short sale lead generation system in place.

6 Top Twitter Tips for Real Estate Agents

With the internet becoming the go-to place for resources, it’s understandable that having a knowledge of online marketing is necessary. One of those resources is Twitter and understanding its many complexities is the key to moving you up in the world of real estate.

3 Hot Social Media Marketing Tips for Mortgage Lenders

Social Media Marketing is taking the mortgage lending community by storm. There has been a massive shift in how mortgage and real estate sales professionals must communicate with their customers and referral partners due to this transition to social media marketing websites.

Newspaper Advertising Versus Property Websites

With some local estate agents no longer advertising in the city property newspaper, we thought it would be worthwhile analysing a selection of our own adverts to see whether our expenditure was worthwhile. We’re hearing more and more from industry pundits that property websites generate the most leads on any given home (and at the price they charge per month they should be!) but is it true in real life?

What to Look for in a Real Estate Contact Manager

There are all kinds of contact management systems on the market today for Realtors but how do you know which one is right for your business and fits your budget? Well, first things first, you need to know what your options are. This article outlines the basic types of CRMs that are available and the features your should look for when researching products.

4 Steps to Direct Mail Success for Real Estate Agents

If we had a nickel for every time we heard a real estate agent say, “I prefer email. It’s so much cheaper.” Email marketing certainly has some powerful benefits (even more so in combination with direct mail) but it is often not cheaper than direct mail, and typically not as effective.

What Does a Short Sale Prospect Need In Order to Take Action?

Reach the short sale sellers “pain” points and you will get the listing. Discover 10 common questions to answer to get the seller to take action.

Real Estate Marketing Ideas – Save Money, Save Time

Looking for real estate marketing ideas that can save you money and time? There are many affordable real estate marketing ideas using social media tools, word-of-mouth campaigns, and even marketing templates. Here are just a few.

Commercial Property Sales – Sellers Making the Right Marketing Choices

Marketing commercial property for sale or lease has to be done the right way and in the right target market. Sellers should consider using the best local commercial real estate agent. This checklist will help.

Call Capture On The Rise As Real Estate Market Begins Its Slow Climb Back

Has your real estate business been affected by the current market? Find out how the use of call capture is growing as more agents see an increase in business.

How Real Estate Agents Can Achieve Success With Twitter

Using Twitter is a great way for businesses to directly communicate with their prospects and clients. Additionally, clients can pose questions or easily find out information from the business.

Features That Define A Real Estate Marketing Agent

Many real estate marketing agents do not meet the qualities that the clients desire. Many of them often lose their clients due to simply mistakes that can be corrected instantly. Some key features that define a good agent are discussed below.

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