The FED *just* Revealed their 2022 Market Crash Scenario.

Is Your Phone Going to Ring This Year?

Am I doing enough to market myself and will I get any calls? This is a question we must all ask ourselves if we are in the Real Estate business. It is probably that time of the year when you need to sit down and review your goals or what you are doing to market yourself.

Branding Yourself as the Go-To Real Estate Agent: 7 Simple Steps

Branding is the buzz-word for developing your marketing platform. It is being done by several agents to increase their visibility and cement their specialties. Do it yourself with these seven simple steps.

5 Short Sale Website Tips To Generate Sales

Discover 5 tips to generate short sale leads from a website. By providing prospects with key information they will be e-mailing & calling you for help. Allow prospects to discover your business through a powerful website.

Short Sale Marketing Letter Headlines Methods to Have Eager Prospects Calling You

Discover 3 questions to ask yourself to create powerful headlines for your short sale marketing efforts. With the right headline created you can use it on your letters, postcards, and even your website. Start creating your own power-packed headlines today.

Bad Publicity and Real Estate Sales

We all know that the local real estate market is not doing well and it follows the European competitive markets in a downward trend. We, however, as Cyprus, have an additional problem, that of the self destruction. Yes, there are crooks all over the place (worldwide) banks which now, during the difficult times, get more unreasonably aggressive and demanding, the building amnesty which is aiming to help ease the situation on titles, has been halted at the House (no excuse at all) after 12 months, etc., etc.

Tactical Vs Strategic Thinking in Real Estate Marketing – The Critical Difference

With the start of the new year, every real estate agent should make sure they are approaching their personal real estate goals efficiently and effectively. If you’re simply taking challenges day by day and haven’t already begun to to think of the big picture goal for your real estate business, the dawn of the new year is the perfect time to do so.

Lagos State Government Simplifies Procedure for Obtaining Governor’s Consent and Issuance of C of Os

There is no doubting the fact that land is a prime asset in Lagos. Hence, competition among individuals and corporate organizations to get it is very stiff. This situation that has persisted over time has given room for unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of unsuspecting members of the public when it comes to Real Estate transactions.

Calgary Housing – Available at Affordable Rates

Calgary is a well known Canadian city, which was rated as the No.1 city, in the Real Estate Investment Network’s Top Ten Alberta Towns to Invest in report. The average incomes in Calgary are also increasing than anywhere else in the Canada.

Are Luxury Homes Benefiting the Real Estate Market?

Recent years have witnessed the property values drop by a huge percent such as 50% in most of the developed countries. These factors remain the reason for the upturn attitude of the investors in making moves in the recent past. Many banks in those countries have tightened the lending criteria making the scenario tougher than usual.

3 Short Sale Flyer Methods to Have Your Phone Ring With Eager Prospects

Discover short sale flyer methods to have prospects reach to you directly. Innovative short sale marketing methods to help you bring in daily leads and listings.

3 Short Sale Scripts To Get The Listings You Want

Discover how to get more short sale listings for your real estate business with short sale scripts that work. These scripts will have sellers feeling more comfortable with your services and allow them to take action. By putting these in place and avoiding 3 scripts that turn sellers off you will generate additional sales in your business.

2 Short Sale Letter Methods To Generate Leads and Avoid the Trash Can

Discover 2 powerful short sale letter methods to help you generate leads today. Simple methods that you can put into action today to improve your response rate now.

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