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Property Lying Unsold? Read Here For Two Surefire, Golden Tips To See Your Property Sell In A Flash

Once you have decided (or perhaps have been compelled) to have your property on the block, to see it lying unsold, can be rather painful. This is especially true when the compelling reason that we mention above, could well be an imminent foreclosure, which you are trying to prevent by selling your property as fast as you possibly could.

Virtual Tours – A Whole New Dimension To Selling Real Estate

Real estate brokers are often faced with a situation where they take prospective buyers around to varied properties in their portfolio, yet these personal visits do not convert to sales. In the bargain, they in fact end up spending enormous amounts of time and money, without any concurrent results.

Do Call Capture Systems Really Work?

Call capture has long been touted as a way for both agents and brokers to take advantage of technology in order to generate more leads, make more sales, and get their names out to a broader array of potential buyers and mortgagees. But does call capture really work?

Real Estate Internet Marketing – The Benefits of Using It

Internet marketing is proven to be beneficial to both real estate sellers and home buyers. Nowadays, millions of people search the internet to look for products and services that they want and need. By using targeted internet marketing, real estate sellers can take full advantage of this huge market of hungry buyers looking forward to find the right homes to purchase.

If You Haven’t Stayed in Touch With Past Real Estate Clients, Contact Them Now!

Be sure that past clients know your name and phone number during the holiday season. You never know which of their visitors might need your services.

Real Estate Marketing Mistakes – Forgetting Past Clients

Real estate agents lose out on a rich source of future business when they ignore past clients. Here’s why.

Whether You Drink From It Is Up to You

You are not born a leader, leaders are made. Education on the correct way to market on the internet is essential to success.

No, You Didn’t “Loose” That Listing

Three word usage errors that can destroy your marketing messages. Unless you learn the difference between these words, prospects will doubt your intelligence and/or your attention to detail. Either one can make you lose business.

Many Real Estate Agents Believe That Listing Prospects Know How Short Sales Are Done

Because there’s so much talk about short sales, agents tend to think that their prospective listing clients know how they’re done. However, they don’t. Agents need to educate prospects via their marketing messages.

Metro Regions See a Rise in Foreclosures

The title of this article can be somewhat deceiving. It isn’t just the metro regions throughout the country that are seeing this rise in foreclosures, but in 75 percent of the metro regions through the United States, foreclosure filings increased during the first half of 2010. While toxic mortgages were the initial cause of the incredible influx of foreclosures during the past two years, it is now unemployment that is driving the new wave or foreclosures.

How To Make An Extra $500 This Month: Birddogging Real Estate

Wholesale real estate investing starts with finding motivated seller leads. One of the ways they get leads is by working with Birddogs. A birddog is someone that points out properties that might be owned by a motivated seller, as a birddog points out birds to a hunter.

Difficult Times and Innovative Ideas

It is a fact that we are going through very difficult times, be it, not as difficult as other countries. The reduction in demand for real estate and the fall in real estate prices, has caused many people (buyers/developers/bankers/etc.) to have serious financial problems.

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